Sunday, October 09, 2011

Susanne Nies, one of Europe's Foremost Thought Leaders in Power Generation Gives her Findings on a gas Powered Future

Sunday, October 09, 2011
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LONDON, October 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

Susanne Nies, Head of Unit Energy Policy and Power Generation at EURELECTRIC, along with Anders Eldrup from DONG Energy and a prestigious faculty of many other senior leaders in Europe's gas-fired power generation industry, will be presenting an innovative conference programme at Gastech Specialist Events' Gas-to-Power Europe Forum, taking place in Berlin, Germany on 23-25 January 2011.  

The Forum will focus on both technical and commercial opportunities and challenges driving the growth of gas and will bring together leading European gas and power companies to discuss developments in an interactive and stimulating discussion.  The programme will focus on the latest projects that are underway or in operation, as well as strategies for future developments, taking advantage of the opportunities to maximise the growth of gas as a key resource for power generation.

Issues to be discussed include:

The future of European gas-fired power generation in the light of recent nuclear / shale gas developments and forecast of likely European new-build CCGT power plants
Quality of gas - securing reliable sources, assessing the impact of increased suppliers, the role of LNG and potential unconventional resources
Pricing and contract negotiation for gas infrastructure and feedstock - short-term / long-term implications and EU legislative influence
Potential "hybrid" developments with renewables, especially during peak time generation and the technology achieving this
Gas as a "clean fuel" amongst more carbon-intensive sources and the EU stance on renewables targets - is 40% renewable energy in Europe by 2020 feasible?
Technologies and practices to increase efficiency in CCGT and co-generation power plants  

Other high profile speakers include:
Achim Zerres, Head of Energy, Bundesnetzagentur, German Regulatory Authority; Arnoud Kamerbeek, Director of Projects & Business Development, Nuon Energy;  Dr. Gerald Linke SVP Competence Centre for Gas Technology & Energy Systems , E.ON Ruhrgas; Thomas Birr, Head of Group Strategy, RWE Group AG, and many more!

We recently interviewed Susanne for one of our Gastech Specialist Events podcasts, which will be available to download at the website this coming Friday 7 October.

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