Sunday, September 18, 2011

Japan Spurs solar energy, wind energy with subsidies for renewable energy

Sunday, September 18, 2011
26 August 2011, 6: 51 am EDT by Rika Watanabe

(Updates with comments from sharp President in 12 paragraph.)

26 Aug. (Bloomberg)-Japan today a bill approved to subsidize electricity from renewable energy sources, European Nations in the transfer of nuclear energy after the law was undergone reactor Fukushima in March.The, the renewable energies by following upper House approval by the lower Chamber at the Aug. 23 and was one of the last acts of Prime Minister Naoto Kan, their support on his handling of Japan's biggest postwar sagged disaster. He said today that he is his resignation after Parliament passed the law.The law allows incentives, to ensure that the market prices for wind, solar and geothermal energy. The so-called feed-in tariff created a race, solar panels, the implementation in Germany and Spain to install. In Japan, it can help to take Chinese companies like Suntech Power Holdings Co. and Canadian Solar Inc., foot.Japan is about 9 percent of the electricity from CO2 sources. Kan called for this level to increase and for the country to phase out nuclear energy after 11 March earthquake and tsunami Tokyo Electric Power Co. Fukushima crippled nuclear plant. Prior to the crisis delivered nuclear plants had about 30 percent of the electricity of Landes.Sonnenkollektoren capacity of approx. 3.68 gigawatt power at the end of last year in Japan, and the Government aims at 28 gigawatts to 2020. installations can 1.4 gigawatts to 1.6 gigawatts according to London researchers Bloomberg of new energy finance this year as a whole. A new nuclear power plant produces generally more than 1 Gigawatt.Business lobby ObjectsThe is legislation on 1 July 2012, effectively and requiring utilities to electricity generation from renewable energy sources including buy solar, wind and geothermal energy prices on the market. "The Minister of trade and industry decides prices and times after consultation with experts and Ministers."A intensive measure to extend the use of renewable energy sources give special consideration of profit makes Minister to get the suppliers, "is the clean energy Act contained Keidanren, Japan's largest business lobby, the electric utilities among its members one additional Bestimmungen.Kritiker of measures." Legislators agreed to the revision of legislation to grant, a discount of at least 80 percent of the feed-in tariffs are passed the serious power users in electricity bills.Power rate Council for renewable energy sources other than solar will as much as 20 yen (26 cents) a kilowatt hour for about 15 years, trade and Industry Minister said Banri Kaieda in the Parliament on 14 July the rate for solar higher, on a plan, in 2009 buy excess solar energy can be established. "Currently the tariff for excess solar energy is generated by houses 42 yen per kilowatt-hour, while electricity produced by companies and schools compares 40 Yen.Dies with the price of grid electricity from 13.77 yen per kilowatt hour for commercial users, according to Japanese Agency for natural resources and energy."The rate must be high "said Mikio Katayama, Chairman of the Japan photovoltaic energy Association, reporters in Tokyo today." enough, to encourage investment,For the continuous growth of the industry, there should be no sudden changes in the system such as reduction of tariffs and stop, ", said Katayama, also President of average household because of the new rules, an additional 180 yen per month can pay sharp, Japan's largest manufacturer of Solarzellen.Ein, said Nobumori Otani, a Democratic Party of Japan's legislature, which the ruling party leads to renewable energy team."Hydro power and biomass also benefit from the subsidies.

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