Friday, July 22, 2011

TCID consider with solar energy

Friday, July 22, 2011
In the next few months the Truckee-Carson, customers will look irrigation district on another way to increase revenue without charge.

At its monthly meeting in June laid a Reno-based solar energy society, a plan to install solar panels in total Churchill County on TCID50 property, CleanPath. Scott Gertz of CleanPath said that the proposal would generate energy parks close to transmission lines for access to the electricity grid.

CleanPath would build parks and numbers TCID a yet-to-be determined amount of income generated.

"After all, what we consider is a project from which we can revenue operation and maintenance costs, expand" TCID project manager rusty Jardine said. "At this new contractor it is someone who can help us to build up for this purpose."

Before the plan can be initiated, Jardine must sign a 120-day memorandum of understanding with CleanPath. The letter, which CleanPath the way, secure investments and scout allow areas in the entire Valley of Lahontan for possible locations. TCID, would but to cancel the memorandum of understanding at any time based on a number of concerns including lack of financial investment returns and may require.

Jardine said the size of the parks and produced was to be determined and would be calculated after the Financials are determined.

Jardine said "Even now, we are not sure which direction they take us". "One of the options, we can identify some sites within the project."

Jardine said that several objectives for TCID are to increase the financial revenue and create more green energy. Currently has TCID Lahontan dam, which provides performance of 12 kilowatts. The district also have an agreement with UpStar energy, a small park in the TCIDs Office on Harrigan road its electrical needs cover to build.

TCID Member David Stix Jr., had some concerns, including the avoidance of property and increasing of operation and maintenance costs. Concerns are valid, the Stix Jardine said he urged this possible project is in the exploratory phase and TCID will not commit unless a significant financial profit is possible.

The Board voted 5-1 approve enter an agreement with Stix vote no.

Gertz, could not speculate about the Monetary Union possibilities for the district, since none of which the foundations were laid, to determine the market value.

However, the CleanPath said research and investments to the bear, likely sign a contract for the production start TCID may come should, Jardine. But he warned it many details will be ironed out to before all in stone is chiseled

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