Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Germany extended research and forms wind network of experts

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The new group, consisting of more than 400 scientists, engineers and administrators, will network with other research institutes in the country's wind energy industry. After his "Wind energy 2020" initiative, the group plans several projects for the development of systems and infrastructure that expands the use of wind energy in cost-efficient, sustainable and competitive way.

The move Germany is renewable energy, in particular wind energy, in the course of the Fukushima nuclear accident gives greater priority. The goal of the Federal Government is using renewable energy sources by 2020 just to produce electricity at least 35 percent of the country.

ForWind combines the wind energy research programs at German State universities of Bremen, Hanover and Oldenburg. IWES Fraunhofer is made up of some 60 institutions focusing member of the Fraunhofer Society, on different fields of applied research. The research agency receives about 30 percent of its funding from the German State with the rest of the work.

Combined infrastructures of German universities and Fraunhofer IWES together with more than 30 networked research institutions is equipped to support both basic and applied research projects. This infrastructure includes a supercomputer for flow simulations, the world's largest wave Flume and a test system for rotor blades, the up to 90 metres in length. The planned scope of the research is extensive and ranges blades meteorology and rotor energy to the drive train and supporting structure.

"By combining our research activities, we are able to keep pace with international research collaborations, which set the tone in Denmark and the United States", said Andreas Reuter, Director of Fraunhofer IWES.

ForWind and Fraunhofer working already together to organize a wind power cluster of more than 300 research institutes and wind energy companies in Northern Germany in a business and research network.

Joint programme on wind energy in the European Energy Research Alliance and the wind energy technology platform have participated together in projects of two major European initiatives, both partners.

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