Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Obama announces new oil drilling

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WASHINGTON committed Barack Obama, under pressure over high gasoline prices, (AFP) President Saturday, annual oil and gas lease sales in Alaska National Petroleum Reserve and to speed up the production in other areas.

In his weekly radio and Internet address of the U.S. leader admitted that one of the biggest burdens for U.S. consumers in the last months the high price of gasoline-been, is more than four dollars per gallon in some areas.

"The spikes in gas prices are often temporary, and while there are no quick fixes for the problem, there are a few steps we should take, the good sense", Obama said.

The President praised safe and responsible oil production by us to increase resources, at the same time as improving the safety and environmental standards.

"To do this, I am the Department of the Interior, sale of petroleum lease in Alaska national reserve, be carried out taking into account sensitive areas, directed by", Obama said.

Previously, oil and gas, the leases taken had petroleum placed reserve, but not on an annual basis at regular intervals in the Alaska national.

Obama also offered to speed up, to lease the evaluation of oil and gas resources in the Centre and south Atlantic, and new areas of the Gulf of Mexico.

He also promised to unveil new incentives for the oil industry unused leases develop, already acquired.

In many cases, oil and gas giant say that rented prohibitively expensive fully explores the costs in the areas of the Government costs and would have exploited.

The Inland Alaska National Petroleum Reserve is located in the West of the famous Arctic National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR), which open Republicans and oil companies on Obama have called for the drilling.

A senior administration of official told reporters, however, "drilling in the Arctic Refuge is off the table and development it is not supported."

In March 2010 Obama announced a plan to expand Alaska drilling along the Atlantic coast, in the eastern Gulf of Mexico and in the North.

But he reversed the decision this year, beyond 2017 banned fallout in the middle of the environment of the BP deepwater horizon oil disaster in the Gulf region and drilling in some areas.

Saturday's move would extend drilling leases in some areas of the Gulf of last year's temporary moratorium affected and it will establish a new Interagency Working Group to ensure that environmental standards meet Arctic leases.

Obama has previously vowed, cut U.S. oil imports, come often from volatile regions of the world by a third in just over a decade, and has also heavily invested in the development of alternative energy sources.

But Republicans have charged that his reluctance to open U.S. undermines energy fields to full advantage its policy.

The President also has oil for the huge rant against industry giants profits while Americans suffer from rising pump prices and to withdraw $4 billion in government subsidies for the industry has called for.

"Four billion dollars at a time when Americans to fill their tanks hardly." 4 Billion dollars at a time when we try to reduce our deficit. It is not fair, it makes no sense, "Obama said in the address."

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