Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zener Home: A zero energy home dream

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Printer-friendly send friend a dream home that consumes no energy comes to life

A real life example, the "Zener home," which means "Zero energy" in German, was built in the city of Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province.

Zener HeimZener home exterior

Located townhouses and apartments of Bansong-dong in which, Zener home used, solar, wind and geothermal energy, and reduces energy waste, giving the visitors a view from first-hand an energy-efficient home.

The two-story house, which opened in August 2010, has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, kitchen and roof garden. Also, in contrast to most other energy efficient houses in Korea that show primarily as houses were built, Zener was home for real use, and includes 70 Daewoo engineering and construction of environmentally-friendly technologies developed.

"Many people who visit here actually like you this House very much and say it is more convenient than she expected", said Lee Ji-Yun housing management Zener home. Those who are interested in the House can apply through its homepage (Zener home) (Korean only).

Many aspects of the House are designed to both energy saving and provide an additional layer of convenience. For example, the taps in the kitchen of solar power to pump water use, and by a switch on the lower edge of the sink touch enabled.

The porch on the second floor is used as a roof garden and offers a beautiful view. Up to two degrees the additional insulation from the garden helps increase the temperature in the winter. Held special construction methods, the weight of the roof garden and the rest of the House, make the whole House light.

Despite the strong winter's chill home earlier this year of Zener uses little energy for heating purposes, according to Lee, who uses statistical data as evidence. The House used to create "passive" and "active" technologies to reduce energy consumption and renewable energies.

Passive technologies to prevent, that the House waste of energy. Daewoo construction used low-emission glass for all Windows in the House, which offers high isolation and privacy, thanks to a special film. Aerogel was used to cover the outer wall of the House to prevent energy waste. The ventilation system helps also use less energy for heating and cooling by ventilation, only when and where it is needed.

Active technologies were used such as solar, geothermal and wind power energy production, also in Zener home. Hybrid shine lights at night in the garden of solar and wind energy collected during the day. Solar panels installed on the roof provide electricity and hot water. "The temperature of the hot water is around 43 degrees and the boiler is only when needed,", Lee said. The temperature inside the House helps geothermal energy all year round 100 metres of the heating pipes on the floors.

Zener home produces 624 kilowatts of energy per hour and stores 230 kilowatts per month. Compared with a normal home, the 700 kilowatts per hour used it stores energy more than 150 kilowatts each month.

Daewoo plans to apply to many of the technologies that used it in building Zener home to his apartment complex in the next few years. The zero energy homes can also for Koreans in the next few years, meets a greener and more sustainable housing market to bring about dream.

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