Monday, April 04, 2011

Assess production in Shreveport, La., resume, g.m. as other situation

Monday, April 04, 2011

But the automaker also noted that some time may have other plants in the weeks.

Meanwhile, the Ford Motor Company and the Chrysler Group each said they were restrict dealer orders for some vehicles in specific metallic colors - usually red and black - because a Japanese plant, which used pigment provides in its color will be closed is expected for at least a month.

The g.m plant, the 925 in Shreveport, La., was the first website in the United States where stopped vehicle Assembly due to one of the 11 March earthquake and tsunami. G.m also temporarily released 59 persons at an engine plant near the city of Buffalo.

G.m executives refused to say whether she not specified more the part had received, had caused the shutdown. The Shreveport facility makes the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, two g.m's slower selling truck.

"We have to use enough material, so we will continue production," said Kim Carpenter, a spokeswoman for g.m.

G.m said its North American operations would be as the Monday full functional – for the time being at least.

"We are constantly review the situation and demand adjustments in our businesses around the world expect," g.m said in a statement.

"These customizations can include the use of the parts, the optimization - or are - in short supply, changes to production schedules and temporary suspension of the production."

Chrysler dealers said on Friday that they would limit orders for vehicles in 10 colors, including "Blackberry pearl", "deep cherry red" and "robust Brown."

A dye called Xirallic, which is made by the German chemical company Merck in a work, since it is close to the crippled nuclear power station Fukushima Daiichi finished contain the colors.

"We expect that we currently have existing customers proper days supply orders and are this measure as a precautionary measure," said Katie Hepler, a spokeswoman for Chrysler. "At this time we expect not production effects as a result of this action."

Ford said its dealers on Thursday that she was limit orders for vehicles in three red tones and "black Tuxedo".

"We expect no loss of production at that time, as one of this situation," wrote Ken Czubay Ford's Vice President for United States sales, marketing and service, a memo to dealers.

G.m refused to say whether the pigment would interfere with lack of availability of its vehicles.

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