Thursday, March 03, 2011

Bruce County approved the guidelines for wind developers

Thursday, March 03, 2011
Bruce County Council adopted a protocol to facilitate discussions with wind energy developers. It sets guidelines for such things as setbacks of certain types of use, requirements for the protection of natural heritage areas down. If a wind turbine is a vacant lot located next to the set must back room for the construction of a House on that lot allow.

The Protocol contains for the same rules, passed by the Council in 2009 on renewable energy projects, which deal with passage of the Green Energy Act, removes the local planning authority of renewable energy projects.

Chris LaForest, the head of the planning for Bruce County, admits that the new commitment Protocol weight to bear not now that planning approvals are made by the province. But the Protocol is a basis to negotiate County if wind energy developers to ask County's comments.

Kincardine Mayor Larry Kraemer says respectful dialogue is the best way to address concerns associated with wind developments.

He said "If you're going to get involved, that the proponent should in good faith as best you can cooperation in accordance with your development policies or protocols, and you are working with you should,", meeting of the agriculture, tourism and Planning Committee on Thursday.

Kraemer noted that before the passage of the local green energy Act and county councils were in a much better position. Now you have on negotiations and good faith of the wind developers.

"As we we had that said planning authority, that you shall do these things and now we are saying, please do these things." When we say please then are these things that we would like to see in the development and we would like to work with you, and see what happens. But we can no longer say no. The County does not have the authority to say no. Green Energy Act has removed all of the planning authority, "Kraemer said."

In the meantime Councils decided Bruce County, not to be imposed upon a request of Arran Elderslie that has an approved third party or a freezing of the exhibition of any kind of building permits for the construction of a wind turbine to medical officer of health for the unit, health Bruce Gray completed a study, a study on the health effects of the industrial wind turbines.

"It is a very dangerous game to permits without proper legislative authority, be deprived", Kincardine said Mayor Larry Kraemer at a meeting of the agriculture, tourism and Planning Committee

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