Monday, February 14, 2011

HIGHTSTOWN: Peddie Panel project

Monday, February 14, 2011
HIGHTSTOWN - Peddie School starts producing solar power for the first time through the use of solar panels on the roof of his athletic center installs and built on a detention basin on campus.

The project is expected to be a million kilowatts per year, more than to produce 20 percent of the energy consumed annually by the school.

Under a power purchase agreement evolution is energy, a renewable energy development company in spring Lake, the solar panels to be installed on school property purchase. In turn is the school, buy all the energy, that through these bodies at a cost that is significantly lower paid than the rate currently produced for current.

The entire surface of the roof Ian H. Graham Athletic Center will be covered in solar panels and basin on the part of the campus is installed floor mount panels on a detention in East Windsor are.

The project has received from East Windsor schedule, Mercer County Planning Board Delaware and Raritan Canal Commission approvals.

Head of school John Green said the project of school multiannual commitment to reducing the carbon footprint continues.

He said "the Sun to produce more important, allowing not only as a cost-effective measure, but as an investment in our planet of's future as 20 percent of our electricity". "Peddie School knows the importance of responsible citizenship and serve as good stewards belongs to our environment."

Mr. Green, the solar project said the burden on the electrical grid of his neighbors Hightstown and East Windsor season heavy energy consumption will decrease.

"Not only do we want our students to reduce their impact on our environment, but as an institution we lead by example", he said. "There is sound environmental practices we can implement as a school, but the real change comes from training our students on the choices you make affect your school, your community and around the world."

Mr Green said also, the school is always initiatives that "green" exploring meaning squared, you also want to save money and lead to a greener environment.

Peddie's commitment to best environmental practice includes the Elimination of serving trays in the dining room that once washed over 600 S after every meal and led to less food waste and use of zero-emission electric cars for campus security and maintenance departments.

Detention basin portion of the project is designed to prevent interference with water collection and see first installing panels on a detention basin is rather than to disturb usable or protected land.

Evolution has powers in the middle of some of the largest solar projects in the region, including a 3 megawatt, 25-acre solar farm on the Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania, make the sports one of the largest producers of solar energy in the country. Evolution was energies energy contractor for the panels installed at the New York Jets headquarters and training facility in Florham Park. The project is 750,000 kWh solar energy per year produce.

The company is services by Birdsall Pro Tech energy solutions for the installation on the campus of the Peddie with engineering services group to subcontract.

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