Wednesday, October 09, 2013

US conservatives voices grow louder for renewable energy

Wednesday, October 09, 2013
In the year 2013 year will remind than that utilities in the United States crossed the Rubicon of renewable energies. At first sight perhaps you think this is a purely political question, one of the Liberals and conservatives, the to each other points; However, it is actually the result of our Republican (with a small ' R') form of Government, with the deep wisdom of our founding fathers again once proven proves. Honestly, what every American should be proud.

Here is what's going on, and it is an American phenomenon through and through.

No matter what our illustrious Congress wants or tried, and no matter our present President intends what at the end of the American daily, the sun rises areas that free and independent Governments 50 States and a handful of. Therefore, although we have a federal tax code, a FERC and not WPA, it is still at the level of the States, that the majority of companies is done. It is at the level of the Federal States where new business is created and technology is new in the game. It is also where power plants built and operated. Like or, most U.S. electric generation is not a State activity. That's where the money is spent and where jobs will be created.

Unless it makes illegal the Federal Government, Executive, legislative, or judicial outright some commercial activity branch, will the States do what they think is good for this condition.

And behold, the Member countries decided that renewable energy is good.

Therefore, rhetoric speaks sound, and despite what the current Congress on renewable energy to say, the economic viability of wind, solar and other clean technology for themselves, despite what the last presidential election. In a free-market capitalist nation such as the United States more and more States, companies and Americans see free we agree on renewable energy.

A growing number of American utilities these advances at State level relief, because it is what the citizens, voters and taxpayers in these States decided the best for them, their State and their country. No one is threatening to split from the United States about renewable energy. Rather, we engaged in renewable energy sources to expand, because it is what to do the American.

Therefore, despite the continuing deadlock in the Congress, the States are mostly exercise their freedom and own renewable go forward energies and local and national security with their diversify Build-Out, rather than as part of a larger transition away from coal to natural gas, but to the energy sector.

The examples are really indicative of Americans doing what we can at best; namely, the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

Even more interesting, despite sustained Congressional opposition in wind and solar energy, mainly on the Republican side of the House of representatives, have a growing number of Republican States regardless and ignore congressional Republicans, who have to forget and see what happens at home. Many current, extensive and compelling examples abound.

For example in Georgia, a bastion of traditional ultra-conservative ideology with a super majority of the Republicans in the State Government saw only five of its nationwide elected, conservative Republicans public service Commissioners vote unanimously in favour so that Georgia power, the nation largest municipal utilities, 210 MW solar energy buy. And then only eight months after this vote, it ordered GA makes, add a further 525 MW, to protect as a hedge against fuel and regulatory risks to the State and its economy and jobs.

Shortly before this step in Georgia and defeated a conservative-run attempt, its renewable portfolio to raise standards (RPS) an other ultra-conservative state of North Carolina. June 2013 following the defeat by the Governor of North Carolina, as the "solar energy month" declare. This appearance with this State largest utility, Duke, supporting the continuation of the RPS.

Many Republican States do exactly the opposite of what claims against the Republican party in the House of representatives in the Congress. Legislators at the State level are active and aggressive solutions works apolitical in the 21st century in a way to move that is best for the Americans. These are bold, intelligent and careful moves that America better, stronger, leaner, cleaner, and provide for a better and brighter future make with more wind and solar. The State of our Union is how it looks today, though in a State of eternal halt on Congressional level damn well at the State level in the area of renewable energies. It is clearly the States that are leading the charge on the renewable energy front. And that is the way how, that should be it.

As it was, informing the morals, values, and concerns for the individuals our founding fathers and their political compass direction a Republican form of Government for the United States led, as it happens, we see that now the States, our Congress, our justice and our President how renewable energies to inform. If only Congress would see and hear.

US are service programs already in the game. They understand it can work, and they know that they can make it work. Although slow to start many, they accelerate. We see that every day American utilities increasingly are part of the solution instead of the problem. This is again with a remaining term of largely on the fact that the utilities at the State level, to operate, where local people nor accountable are - the people that they must serve.

At the end despite the detour of rationality which took recent national election year and despite having Congress is currently still on the renewable energy industry in America actually back on track. In particular, the States are again on course. As soon as Congress on board with the States calls and the utilities in their combined efforts supported our energy infrastructure with wind and solar energy, will once again prove our democracy to be the closest thing to the divine action that mortals could ever imagine, presented as well as our founding fathers.

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