Monday, October 14, 2013

Making technology and renewable energy world name woman of the year finalists

Monday, October 14, 2013
Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Nashua, n.h., - the power - Gen 2013 women in power Committee is pleased the finalists for the first power-Gen woman of the year.

The finalists were from names of members of the community is selected and represent different facets of the industry.

The finalists are Ria Persad, founder and President of StatWeather, which provides for probabilistic weather forecast tools weather risk management for the energy industry; Jane Weissman, President and CEO of the Interstate renewable energy company, a non-profit organization that has worked, to the use of renewable energies since 1982 to accelerate; and Patty West with the Tennessee Valley Authority, a US-Government company, which provides electricity for 9 million people.

The women of the year were nominated in four categories with the most weight given to how they power generation advanced judged. In addition to promoting the energy industry as a judge the effect, that the candidates on their communities, their ability to lead and their success in mentoring others considered.

To encourage more women to enter of the energy industry, PennWell Corporation and female pioneers decided to recognize in energy technology, how this distributed power-Gen 2013 women of the year finalists. "If the achievements of the early adapter not recognized the growth of women in power could be endangered,", said Rich Baker, Senior Vice President with PennWell.

While these finalists both represent conventional and regenerative energy and each one works in a different facet of the energy industry (finance, policy, technology, respectively), a thread running through all of them is their commitment to promoting and improving the energy industry in North America. Every woman has devoted her life in the traditionally male-dominated field of energy, and issued every woman has to make determination where it is today. Estimates the proportion of women in the industry working, but in General, the number of moves to a 1:4 female share. And how you the series climbing, the percentage of women in leadership positions is small.

"We hope that these women as examples for young women considering career makes that amazing benefits can be achieved through hard work and dedication," said Jennifer Runyon, chairwoman of the women in the power Committee.

These three finalists will 2013-Power-Gen woman of the year at the annual awards banquet on Monday, November 11, at the Hard Rock Live at the universal resort in Orlando, Florida as part of the POWER-GEN International Conference and exhibition and co-located NUCLEAR POWER International Conference and exhibition, Renewable Energy World Conference & exhibition, North America, and the financial Forum named.

2013 The women power lunch will be during the 14th November at the Orange County Convention Center, also within the framework of the co-located conferences a keynote speech Power-Gen woman of the year on Thursday.

Registered participants of the conferences can attend either or both the feast and the lunch by buying tickets to the events. More information by visiting the Conference Web site: POWER-GEN International Conference and exhibition. which nuclear power International Conference and exhibition, Renewable Energy World Conference & exhibition, North America and the financial Forum.

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Magazines,, POWER-GEN international, NUCLEAR POWER international, Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo North America and the Forum, are all by PennWell Corp., a global media company headquartered in Tulsa, Okla.

The 2013 Power-Gen women in power Committee

Jennifer Runyon, PennWell Corporation

Karin Corfee, Navigant

Christina M. Swanson, GE

Mary Ann Bunn, Siemens Energy, Inc.

Linda Church Ciocci, national hydropower Association

Heather Manypenny, New Hampshire electric cooperative, Inc.

Bonnie Marini, Siemens Energy, Inc.

Meg Cichon, PennWell Corporation

Daryl Zeis, REC solar

Mary Noyes Joynt, WilkinsonShein communications

Elizabeth Ingram, PennWell Corporation

Lola Infante, generation fuels and market analysis

Heather Manganiello, project manager, HDR

MaryJo Rogers, strategic talent solutions

Henrietta Gurri McBee, HDR

Paula mints, SPV - market research

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