Tuesday, September 24, 2013

US EPA adopts revised rules for new power plants

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Tulsa, OK-Gina McCarthy, administrator who took the stage at the national environmental protection agency, the Press Club in Washington, D.C. September 20, their agency newly revised pollution to adopt standards for new power plants.

McCarthy said that the proposed rules is a flexible, accessible way in the future from morning fleet of power plants. According to the rules, the large natural gas-fired turbines would emit less than 1,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide per MWh, while new small natural gas-fired turbines would have to spend less than 1,100 kilograms of carbon dioxide per MWh.

New coal-fired power plants would need units less than 1,100 kilograms of carbon dioxide per MWh or spend, optimize more than 84 months operating plants offer the flexibility and time to technologies, between 1,000 and 1,050 kilograms of carbon dioxide per MWh in the average.

The average US coal plant emits 1,768 kilograms of carbon dioxide per MWh-hour. Natural gas plants emit 800 to 850 pounds.

Administration was coal-fired electricity site according to the US energy information responsible for 37 percent of all power generation in 2012.

President Barack Obama directed the EPA to develop and release pollution standards for new and old power plants in June 2013 as part of a larger plan to tackle climate change.

"Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. More than 97 percent of the climate researchers are convinced that human induced climate change is taking place on the basis of scientific data. If our climate change goes unchecked, this devastating effects on the United States and the planet needs. Reduction of CO2 pollution is of vital importance for the protection of Americans, health and the environment which our economy depends, "she said.

This latest version of the EPA standards for new power plants that is result of some 2 million public comments, said McCarthy.

"We have done what requires democracy. We paid attention. We heard these comments, and that's what today's proposal reflects, "she said.

One way the is can meet standards the use of CO2 sequestration - a technology that she said "proved"

"CO2 capture and sequestration technologies will eventually tire and be so today are commonly used in power plants, such as scrubber", she said.

Cleanup of conventional thermal power plants to be a boost for the economy and not a burden for them, she said.

"The argument that we must choose between economic growth and environmental protection is wrong," she said.

The EPA fully expected many comments on these proposals, like it after the first version of the new source performance standards in March 2012, she said.

"We will do what we have done. We give every comment we receive detailed attention, "she said.

During the writing proposed rules, she said, committed revised and finally applied the EPA to regulate CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions power generation fleet, existing not only new power plants, but of the country.

Coming up, however, is "on a longer time scale," she said with rules for the regulation of the older power plants.

EPA comment period for 60 days after publication in the Federal Register open being.

President Obama has the EPA come instructed until June 2014 a proposal to clean up the older plants.

In 2009, EPA determines that greenhouse threatened with pollution Americans health and welfare by leading long-lasting changes in our climate, can have a number of negative effects on human health and the environment.

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