Friday, August 23, 2013

Analysis the hype of the musk solar powered Hyperloop transportation system

Friday, August 23, 2013
Last week technology billionaire Elon Musk revealed his ideas for "Hyperloop", a speculative new means of transport, high speed. The system would be at 1,000 km/h car Middle compartments low-pressure pipes (such as pneumatic tubes once used, move e-Mail messages about Office building) drive.
Musk says that San Francisco and Los Angeles (through a proposed $20-collective, 35 minutes) connect the system would cost about $7 billion, or one-tenth of the baseline cost of California raged high speed rail system would connect cities - and can be built in less than a decade.

Of course this bold idea immediately attracted criticism, for example a United States today articles to list on secular reasons is that it don't work like "Round would slow" and "The towers would be harmless." Of course others fell over themselves praising the plan, that musk's vision is so awesome that even if it turn out quite as planned, nor is it great, and always would. The concept of getting simple, overly excited or too skeptical about what a dose of DataPoints is helpful:
If musk had suggested, it would not be value attention. Musk is a very successful entrepreneur, after it quickly rejected as futuristic ideas into successful companies several times: electronic money (PayPal moves $150 billion per year), electric vehicles (Tesla is profitable and the cars are expensive but acclaimed), solar energy (SolarCity gets Luxs coveted "Strong Positive"), space (SpaceX, which developed a national-grade space program in seven years and makes a profit). Musk solid plate lends credibility to an otherwise fantastic Idee.Das system requires no exotic new materials, properties of matter or unproven technologies. Musk 57-page detailed explanation of idea explains how the system could work with relatively commercially available technologies. It admits that there are many technical problems solved, and offers the concept as an open-source concept - a starting point for something actually feasible. So many solid criticism of the plan actually change it.Musk announcement should be seen wrapped in a construction as political commentary. The white paper is opened not with a visionary problem, but with the statement, "If high-speed rail was approved California, I was pretty disappointed, was like I know, that many others were also. How could it be the home of Silicon Valley and (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)-incredible things like indexing the world's knowledge and Mars Rovers - put would build a bullet train, both most expensive per mile and is one of the slowest in the world? "As many California musk taxpayers are frustrated, because by the cost overruns, delays and mediocre performance of the State high-speed program and the political problem is the musk probably be solved should."Of course, a tech entrepreneur political commentary is not newsworthy, and there is speculation prevalent, whether the apparatus could musk - or anyone - created successfully. Pneumatic transport is versions not new and similar - though much slower - of pneumatically driven people pushers were introduced, and even provided a long time ago. In the 1870s, Paris and New York had air-operated public transport. The vacuum tubes variation of that at present, suggests musk has been studied recently in China and of Switzerland. How can the concept of a technical examination withstand?

The Hyperloop costs per kilometre would be as revolutionary as his speed. California high-speed rail is also a consequence of the political and environmental issues as the technology high costs per kilometre, and Hyperloop, also dog would probably have these concerns. Musk suggests an increased, high-tech solution that indeed use problems such as land, but such systems are more expensive: the Shanghai Pudong monorail cost to build $1.3 billion and is $1.2 billion for 12 km costs 30 km long ($40 million/km), while the monorail Airtrain in New York range ($100 million / km). A way to deny the cost could look for the route with other State spanning infrastructure together. With the same route for a natural gas pipeline or energy transmission lines with PG & E, fiber-optic cable (which are routinely sewer side by side located within city) or water part of the calculus might be.The passenger pod cousin, Tesla, could provide on board power technology. On board batteries are not technological hurdle, because the initial Acceleration (and subsequent increases) must be through external, meets stationary linear electric motors and their energy sources would. The on-board batteries would be used then a big electric compressor fan on the front of the Hyperloop first and foremost for the power supply. The resulting battery would likely order of magnitude of 200 kWh - about three Tesla model S can be transplanted in the value of energy storage capacity, today's battery technology. In addition, these batteries would contribute less than 0.1 per cent - to the entire cost of the Hyperloop, only a sliver - enables in the shadow of infrastructure such as pylons construction and land.Even in sunny California, the solar-powered system backup storage should be. While the musk plan takes over the energy consumption of the system be achieved could, with solar energy - maybe he hopes that SolarCity will receive the installation contract - solar panels would operate grid storage on the expected load. Helps during solar power, would be the greater energy storage facility in the stationary batteries needed to operate the Hyperloop linear electric motors in the night or in bad Wetter.Das, open-source model, an open invitation to the rail system manufacturer, as Bombardier Siemens crowdsourcing is Siemens and ABB, test - drove through the opening of the engineering software to the local motor dimensions, with the now available rally fighter vehicle a certificate for their success. As with other "great innovation" would the spin-offs of R & D on Hyperloop benefit in addition to technologies and promote the process of collaborative design. Manufacturers of other high performance vehicles, such as automotive, aircraft, and spacecraft - like musk of SpaceX or the NewSpace community - should join the Hyperloop amount.

This article appeared originally on the Lux populi and was published with permission.

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