Saturday, March 30, 2013

Australia backs renewable energy goals

Saturday, March 30, 2013
New Hampshire, USA-in response to a legal review, has climate change the Australian Government authority is obliged to maintain its renewable energy target (RET) of 20 percent of electricity of the country (about 41,000 GWh) come from renewable sources by 2020. The Government also stressed that 20 per cent leaves only a minimum target and "the way." open for improvements in the area of energy efficiency, to deliver a higher percentage of renewable energy

"Arguments to reduce or Cap energy to 20 percent of the generation in the year 2020 will ignore the need to reduce the emissions intensity targets of Australia's electricity sector, so that we to remain as the world moves to clean up, energy, competitive", said Gillard Government in a statement.

In December last year offered 34 recommendations in a review of the RET; the climate change Agency 28 of which were now adopted three refused and three further review indicated. A goal will not be changed despite the CCA recommendation: a 100-kW cover for solar PV systems as a small renewable energy projects to qualify. The CCA had recommended a 10-kW limit.

Since end of 2007 was elected the Labor Party in the Office, over 2 GW large-scale renewable energy projects were completed, next to almost 1 million on the roof solar PV installations and more than half of 1 million solar and heat pump water systems. The secret is changed now "Investment uncertainty that would undermine existing and planned renewable energy investments in Australia, would create" climate change Minister Greg Combet said, as well as greatly increasing the carbon pollution.

Opposition leaders go out of their way to support the RET current 20-percent target, say they are not and have proposed no changes. But they also reaffirm their intention to reconsider the RET in the year 2014 (and perhaps much earlier), with a focus on changes in the demand for electricity. A significant dropoff in aggregate demand (as expected) likely would mean the fixed RET ringing setting targeted 20 percent, thus the stage on the road for a further fight over legal RET might well past.

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