Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hainan Province of China is considering electric vehicle demonstration project

Saturday, February 16, 2013
Beijing-industry leaders and experts were all positive for the future of Hainan Province electric vehicles market in 2012 world's new energy vehicle (GNEV) Conference in Boao and Haikou, Hainan Province, China in January two cities instead. Experts pointed out, an electric vehicle demo Island to make the challenges and opportunities of the province, and said further research along with favorable government policy is necessary.

The province is expected to improve its infrastructure for energy talks and electric vehicles with the construction of 14 special charging stations, 30 recharge battery-swap stations and 3,000 rushing Poland 24 simple charging stations by 2013 after Chen Wanxin, Vice-Director of the provincial Ministry of industry and information technology. This would save an estimated 10,000 electric vehicles until the year 2015 on the provincial roads serve dangers 7.8 million liters of fuel per year. This ambitious goal of 10,000 vehicles is half of the new energy vehicles of all China's roads today and is very likely to Hainan, which make such vehicles to keep highest density.

Wang Lu, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference of Hainan Province, said at the opening the province of growth of the sector sees long-term growth electric vehicles as one of their most important strategies for the province as a whole, since the sector give a powerful impetus to the local economy. He continued that Hainan is process of building of automotive of industrial park, under the direction of FAW Haima, where more advanced core technologies with respect to electric vehicles, batteries, motors and electrical controls, as well as the research and development of technical metrics for industry standards will be introduced. This is set to pure electric vehicles to promote the commercial exploitation and industrialization of the plug-in. Zone in the northwestern part of the province, and a 330,000 square metre plot of land for the development of electric vehicles in Wanning, a city in the South-Eastern coast of the province is also reserved for the automotive industry the province plans for a 2.7 million square feet of space in the Lingao Jinpaigang industrial.

According to the provincial energy conservation and demonstration programme of eclectic vehicles is Haikou developed into a leading research, development, manufacturing and testing center for energy saving and electric vehicles by 2015. The vehicles are on track are widely accepted by the public transport system and other sectors, including Government cars. In addition, there is the use of electric vehicles in line with the environmental requirements of the province of destination of an international tourism island.

Above all, many domestic automakers were generally optimistic, what the province-electric vehicles market, with some their move of them already made. Haima, the only complete vehicles manufacturer in the province, developed electric vehicles for six years (since 2006). Min Jiang, an engineer in product planning, technological research center of JAC, a Chinese national car manufacturer, said that Hainan Province already has all the right elements for the development of an electric car industry. She also have other automakers said commercial investment and establishing facilities as soon as the Government confirmed it with a focus on public buses for transport and tourism, and will hold a transparent blueprint for the support of the industry shows.

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