Monday, February 11, 2013

Department of energy invested $9 million in data-driven SunShot projects

Monday, February 11, 2013
The Department of energy announced on 30 January its selection of seven data-driven projects, to reduce opportunities for solar energy and accelerated deployment of solar energy in the United States dig out. The Department is about 9 million $ in the seven projects to invest in six States: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, North Carolina and Texas. The projects are part of the SunShot initiative to make competitive solar energy a joint national effort until the end of the decade with other energies.

$7 Million offer for four projects Energy Department research teams led by Sandia National Laboratories, the national renewable energy Laboratory (NREL), Yale University and the University of Texas - Austin (UT-Austin). These teams will solve industry problems in cooperation with public and private financial institutions, utilities, and statistical and computational tools to be applied to State agencies and lead regional pilot projects in the country, to test the impact and the scalability of their innovations.

For example, will design solar challenge Yale University of researchers partner with SmartPowers New England and implement innovative strategies that guided bulk purchasing programs for solar power can increase the effectiveness of the community. The team of UT-Austin with complex sets of data from six Texas utilities, is working to better understand customer needs, and identify to optimize the installation and networking opportunities. As NREL develop a computer model for the analysis of data from a network of US solar installers and new kinds of community and regional level strategies for financing and delivery costs identification.

The Department to invest $2 million in three projects led by the University of North Carolina - Charlotte (UNC Charlotte), to analyze the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) and SRI International, decades of scientific publications, patents, and information on costs and production. SRI International will develop advanced software that reads and analyzes to discover thousands of scientific publications and patents, to speed up new ways to solar energy technology innovation and commercialization. Meanwhile, UNC Charlotte apply and computational tools for patent, cost and production data to accelerate solar cost cuts and better predict future costs for new energy technologies. See the DOE press release and the full list of projects.

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