Saturday, December 08, 2012

Energy efficiency and a cold marriage

Saturday, December 08, 2012
We know energy efficiency can save the world, but can save a marriage?

Let research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) it to the New York State Energy, to take on this question. The Agency is known for its vanguard energy research, but it's one thing to produce papers on topics like ' air bypass in vertical stack water heat pumps ' and others to explore, what a cold room to do a new marriage.

The is the premise behind unforgiving temperatures, produced a five-part comedy/ad NYSERDA.

I know what you're thinking. An Energy Agency and humor? No, not the case.

It was with deep skepticism, I clicked on the first 'Webisode.' I have people try energy for comedy before and failed miserably, but these short sketches had me giggling - in learning about financial accounts. A miracle.

The show's slogan is "save your love life! Plus hundreds of dollars - even more - of energy per year."

Here is the plot: Newlywed Russell is crazy low. After he and Wendy get their first energy bill, he considers himself turn the thermostat. Wendy freezes, Russell is blind.

Finally they Russell sits down and says: "We need professional help."

Russell is confused. "Why?" he asks. You can see his breath.

It is of course not even about marriage counseling, but to monitor a free home energy performance NYSERDA. He is hesitant. "Russell, our marriage is value... free?" she asks.

Enter the supporting characters. A triathlete neighbor who Soy Latte with whey protein drinks, thinks that energy efficiency starts with the installation of an expensive new heating system. You brags that its new furnace "has a self-calibrating inductor with variable speed."

"How nice for you not to do that all calibration by hand," commented Wendy.

To help you-a man who often relieves Wendy and Russell's confusion come two assessors are certified by the building performance Institute. For example the couple thought, for the home improvements pay Russell's presidential election would have to sell sock collection on e-Bay.

The sketches are a clever way to educating the public about the home performance with energy star program. Rather arcane trading energy information and make even an arcane what should be easy. Industry's penchant for staying inside their bubble was okay, when consumers were passive recipients of services. But the new world of the smart grid now requires, that consumers Act and manage their energy consumption. Incompatible temperatures not exactly the daily show or even Saturday night live a week way. But for a number of public service type, it is clever. High-quality actions like this are a big step to the world of energy to make them accessible.

"Humor can be a powerful educational tool. This campaign should humor in a way use, the homeowner that shows many in energy efficiency in their homes, very real and practical benefits of investment,"said Francis Murray, NYSERDA President and CEO. "We want to know all New Yorkers about the variety of programs available - from the direct incentives for free or low-cost assessments and funding - which can increase the comfort, safety and energy efficiency of their homes."

The unforgiving temperatures website contains also stories about home and homeowners in New York, which have saved money through energy efficiency, the first steps and information about incentives and funding.

See the new.

ELISA Wood is a long-time energy writer, whose Werk can be found

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