Friday, November 09, 2012

Interior Minister announces lease agreement for Delaware offshore wind energy

Friday, November 09, 2012
An agreement on the first commercial lease after its "smart from the start" has reached offshore-wind energy development initiative announced the US Department of Interior (DOI) and its Bureau of ocean energy management (BOEM) on 23 October BOEM. Located in the federal waters, the site covers 96.430 hectares about 11 nautical miles off the coast of Delaware.

The lease NRG Bluewater grants the exclusive right, a wind Delaware LLC or multiple plans the BOEM lead to activities in support of wind energy development in the area of leasing to submit. The company can an assessment plan with a proposal site assessment activities, such as the installation of a meteorological Tower or meteorological buoy lead present. It can send also a construction and operation plan construction of actual wind system and cabling propose to shore.

NRG Bluewater originally proposed a 450-megawatt project off the coast of Delaware, with estimates that the project could generate enough electricity to power for more than 100,000 houses. This estimate could change, after NRG learns additional planning and survey work and sends its plan to the BOEM, where the possible plans based on ecological, technical and other factors before granting approval for the construction of value determined. The smart start initiative for Atlantic of outer continental shelf announced in 2010 should site selection, to facilitate leasing and construction of new offshore renewable projects. See the DOI press release and the BOEM Delaware Web site, including a map of the site.

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