Saturday, October 13, 2012

New tool enables a saving of energy more easily

Saturday, October 13, 2012
The new consumer tool is called green button, and customers can link to it from their utilities portals. Green key, based on strict standards, helps consumers informed purchase decision, fit energy power consumption and save money.

The Green key initiative the main objective is to simplify energy data access for consumers. The Federal Government is encouraging utility companies give consumers that opportunity to easily access and share their own energy information for insight on how to best use to manage their consumption.

Homeowners with strong environmental ethics can green button applications to further reduce its carbon footprint. Nelson's House in Lakewood, Colorado, was Brent and MO 1956 built and has two types of photovoltaic solar technologies including daylighting, passive solar, a solar hot water heater have been retrofitted. Credit card: Dennis Schroeder
Green button is an example of the Government incentives for industry, but as output to accelerate the adoption of a standard, an order of the Federal Government. The goal is better-educated consumers of energy - good news for the planet and a consumer bank accounts can be.

Green button is based on a standard smart grid interoperability Panel, a public private partnership which developed by a working group of the North American energy standards Board (NAESB) on request. Service provider interface (ESPI) standard brings together work by ASHRAE, the ice Alliance, IEC, NAESB into a single specification for exchanging energy usage information between utilities, customers and third party application developers of energy. With a common data format opens entrepreneur innovative products to develop for a wide market, to help customers understand and manage the use, and use energy costs.

Green key is an initiative of the White House. Aneesh Chopra, former U.S. Chief Technology Officer, announced the launch of the initiative on Jan. 18. It was first adopted by three of the largest utilities in California.

NREL helped develop standards

NREL was integral to the development of standards for the green button, as well as a consistent way, report your data. NREL Scott Crowder pointed out that NREL-developed as Headquaters for application developers to provide their green button applications.

Once the utility website registered, see customers a green button icon. Customers click on the button, their personal energy usage data into the widespread format defines the standard download ESPI, jointly developed by industry and Government. Learn more about the data they download it at any of several green button apps. Future versions of the standard allows customers a secure subscription set up, so that you do not manually transfer the data from the utility for your favorite apps.

Many apps on OpenEI came through DOE's challenge, app developers come up with tools that help recent "apps for energy", define energy-saving strategies to inspire.

For example, customers can their data on an app for a "no-touch"-upload energy audit that show them how to save energy. The test can show you them, who say their dishwasher running sometimes there is little other demand for electricity and helps prevent a peak demand interest, Monisha Shah, said the association with the White House to promote green button.

Winner quantified an Apps for energy Award for energy savings in terms of the number of trees saved. "This is a great embodiment of the challenge as a whole," said Shah. "they are down a complex term to a simple Cook."

Thanks to the initiative, the number exploded the green button applications, which housed Shah said from six to more than 60, to OpenEI. Innovation is driving innovation and the number of apps is expected to continue to grow.

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