Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Energy Department offers online training for residential PV inspectors

Tuesday, October 09, 2012
The SunShot initiative free online tool helps skills learn code inspectors to ensure recommendations needed.
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The Department of energy announced on October 1, a free online training program for building and electrical code officials, inspections for residential photovoltaic (PV)-solar energy systems perform. This training program helps a consistent and optimized PV test process in jurisdictions across the country, to establish cost reduction and time savings for consumers.

The photovoltaic-online training (PVOT) program is used a learning tool to illustrate the video and photos to the correct techniques for safe solar systems that meet all relevant building and electrical codes. It includes seven online modules, offers classes in subjects such as roof and ground mounted PV arrays, electrical requirements, equipment reviews, and accelerated allows. The first six lessons contain sequential material, while the last module offers a virtual stroll along a roof line, which looks similar to an inspector in a real situation. The PVOT program tracks each participant progress and test results and meet professional licensing requirements for ongoing training in most cities and States. The curriculum complies with current national electrical code requirements and industry standards that are referenced in the modules.

Although the program is designed the code officials, it is suitable solar installers, architects, and students for consumers who are interested in this growing area. While participation in the course is free of charge, there is a nominal fee for obtaining continuing education units by International Association of electrical inspectors (IAEI). The Interstate Renewable Energy Council developed the PVOT program for the Energy Department as part of the SunShot initiative solar instructor training network, to strengthen the quality and the capacity of the solar-PV vocational training in the country. The Department of energy progress warning message displayed.

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