Tuesday, September 04, 2012

New public private partnership to help U.S. manufacturing innovation

Tuesday, September 04, 2012
The Obama management announced the launch of a new public-private Institute for the production of innovation on August 16. The new partnership, the national additive manufacturing innovation Institute, competitions on chose a first prize of $30 million in federal funds, get through $40 million of the award-winning Consortium matched. The consortium includes industrial companies, universities, schools and non-profit organizations at the Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia "tech belt."

Announced 9 March 2012 President Obama his plan invests $1 billion to catalyze a national network of up to 15 production innovation Institute to the country that would serve as regional hubs for the production. The President called for Congress to this proposal Act and the national network of manufacturing innovation to create. Institute on additive manufacturing invest five federal agencies - the departments of Defense, energy and trade, the National Science Foundation and NASA - together committed $45 million in a pilot project. Additive manufacturing is a process of making dreidimensionaler solid objects from a digital model. See the White House press release.

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