Sunday, June 17, 2012

Green machine: Saint-Gobain NOVA innovation competition taps North American startups

Sunday, June 17, 2012
Saint-Gobain, has joined co-present the world's largest construction companies of the materials chapter (USGBC-NCC) to the company NOVA innovation competition with the U.S. Green Building Council - Northern California. Competition rewards start Greentech and innovations in sustainable products, new materials, highly efficient solutions, clean technology and renewable energy sources with cash prizes and access to partnership opportunities with Saint-Gobain offers Cleantech companies around the world.
The deadline to submit entry is 30 June; Finalists win the chance their innovative companies the top management team of Saint-Gobain in a live speed dating format to the 2012 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in San Francisco on November 15 pitch.

NOVA identifies external car, the international group of Saint-Gobain analysts, and evaluates start up companies for partnerships with Saint-Gobain believes companies, there is a thriving entrepreneurial community in the United States and Canada, and exceptional contributions to the NOVA innovation competition 2012 expected as it for the first time in North America is hosted.
John Crowe, President and CEO of which Saint-Gobain Corporation and member of the NOVA said: "we have a responsibility maintain for start-ups, which otherwise would have had no access to bring to their innovation, be it sustainable building solutions or technologies for renewable energy on the civilian market."

At Greenbuild NOVA external venturing awards a winner of the first place with $50,000 and second and third place winners with $25,000 and $10,000 or. Winner also works with NOVA, a variety of partnerships with the company such as licensing, manufacturing or commercial agreements to explore equity participation or joint venture.

Rakesh Kapoor, Director, Saint-Gobain Northboro R & D Center and NOVA external car, says that companies that provide missing for growth but gain the ability to market the most advantages of the NOVA innovation competition.
"Since 2006, we in dozens of promising startups in the United States and in Europe, with a select few rises to above the competition innovation invested", Kapoor said. He adds that the award-winning companies thrive with access to the global market through Saint-Gobain established distribution channels and above all the support, resources and expertise that innovation comes from nearly 350-year history of the company of construction of materials.

The 2012 NOVA innovation competition come the extensive list of progressive companies that has evaluated external car NOVA since 2006, participants and winners will be part of an elite group of more than 40 existing partnerships.
Earlier in this spring on the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco, announced Saint-Gobain it the innovation competition with USGBC-NCC co-present would. Sheeraz Haji, CEO of Cleantech Group, said the i3 platform creators and producers of Cleantech Forum innovation competition emerging companies would provide the power of a global partnership to unlock new markets, increasing their brand and to validate their technology.

Sheeraz also said: "this goes well beyond the provision of funds landmark competition and instead supports young companies establish to prove themselves on the global market, to maintain their business models and their customer base."

To learn more about the NOVA innovation competition, a start-up recommend or apply via the online form, please visit before the 30 June 2012.

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