Monday, June 04, 2012

Change of the energy game with the "force one '"

Monday, June 04, 2012
Who of us has not diligently described smart meters to a non-energy-person welcomes only rigid, or worse be through an empty the retort: "Why I want to track my electricity costs for the whole day?"

You try to explain the profound applications: smart device, to the electricity grid to the talk, consumer associations, that energy savings sale, your car as a power plant. But then will talk about fascinating toys, no change in the world.

A new study by Joseph Stanislaw, independent senior energy consultant at Deloitte, gets eloquently on the true meaning of the smart grid. Beyond the gadget talk, he describes the larger image, like new energy efficiency and smart technologies will power to democratize.

Energy efficiency would have "a greater impact on the global energy picture than any other development," according to the paper titled energy of the next limits: how technology redesign is radical supply, demand and the energy of geopolitics.

"The breakthroughs have been breathtaking and elegant in its simplicity." The least estimated technologies include those that businesses and individuals to understand and manage - and thus significantly reducing - their energy consumption. Last year $275 million venture capitalists - invested, up 75 percent from 2010 - start-ups, which make the use of energy, management software and other technologies "tells the paper."

Stanislav explains how intelligent technologies bring about the "power of one" in the energy game. No longer passive recipients, consumers and businesses actively be choosers; Therefore they influence the type of power plants, we are building - or if we you at all to build - simply by the way they use electricity. Our market signals, not centrally plan, designing the infrastructure we build.

The power of one idea is often lost in the political discourse of the power. Debate leans on wind energy tax incentives, solar trade wars, the pre-and disadvantages of hydraulic Division and access to public land to drill oil.

But when it comes to power, it is the power of one, that the playing field the most changes by it the way which gave individual control of energy on the Internet us control over information. Thus even if Governments cannot effectively act, companies and individuals now have the opportunity, "make a radical difference in the own consumption - and thus much broader energy affect game" the paper says.

More specifically, Stanislav explains: "the new energy-related software and hardware on the market and in development - smart demand meters, intelligent device management programs and so on - individual players not at the mercy of the broader forces liberate." This exemption or postponement of control over energy decisions by Nations to individuals, transformed, what has been known as the "Great game" - the wrangling of the Nations on energy supply.

While the big game previously concentrated on oil, the technology is the new price.

"The big game of the 21st century is development of 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0 technology continuum - with each release the trip along the curve faster than that before coming." The future is a continuous research and development, investments to create jobs and greater security of energy supply - without it the environment, "says the paper."

Rapid of technological change that planning of companies increases, adds need for sustainability, he added. And to collect the ability and understanding data about energy is becoming increasingly important. Whether the company makes shoes or semiconductor, energy is part of the business. All companies are energy companies in a smart-grid world.

Stanislaw describes a "positive energy cycle", the appearance for households and businesses to track the efficiency: they save money and protect the environment. In addition "the consumption of energy is not only an economic act - this is always a conscious act and an act of conscience." "This will likely increase to over the coming years."

Stanislaw paper is good to read. Find it here.

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