Thursday, May 24, 2012

Solar, wind power unlikely to alternative to nuclear energy - expert

Thursday, May 24, 2012
Nuclear energy is inevitable if humanity wants to get rid of CO2 and to ensure sustainable energy supply. Hydro power and biomass can add nuclear power, while solar and wind energy can hardly an option that global energy Award Committee said Member, President of the Science Council for global initiatives of Tom Blees.

Germany and Denmark have more than EUR 100 billion on solar and he said wind energy projects, which have disastrous results from economic point of view. The experiment shown, solar and wind energy could still mankind with power supply, but it would take to convince Germany and Denmark, he added.

Blees notes that the German intention to close nuclear power plants and the construction of gas and coal plants instead of CO2 emissions would increase.

There are many cloudy and windless days in the year, and Germany how much money there is for solar and wind power, has sufficient reserves of mineral fuels no matter, he said. The expert in accordance with the opinion of numerous specialists, who said that the share of wind power by more than 20% would destabilize power grids.

In most countries, biofuels and nuclear power said virtually the entire demand comply with prescribed non-mineral resources, while wind and solar energy a small portion of to meet the demand, or it does not at all meet, Blees.

Russia is rich in gas, which easily energy can be independent means, he said. However, concern about climate change and non-mineral leave resources to see, he said hydropower, biomass and nuclear energy as possible alternatives. Nuclear energy can simply offer what can the two other types of power generation and prevent that CO2 emissions, said he. In Russia, that same as any other country, an optimal combination of energy production methods would following: nuclear power plants should produce electricity where hydropower and biomass are inaccessible, he said.

Nuclear power plants can perform at their full capacity for a long time with minimal fuel consumption expenditure; together with hydro power and biomass, they make solar economically pointless, and he said wind power generation.

The expert referred to Japan, that the majority of nuclear power stations closed following the accident of Fukushima. As a result said Japan has much more gas and coal to meet the demand for energy and CO2, that emissions (along with the balance of trade) are rapidly import, he. If the majority of their nuclear power stations not open again Japan, it will have no hope for CO2 emissions, Blees said.

There are numerous documents from different countries show that those who want to give up mineral fuels must use nuclear energy. The only exception is Iceland with its numerous volcanoes and extremely low population density, he said. Even the United Arab Emirates, which has numerous deserts, moderate population density and lots of Sun, oil and gas, wants to build four nuclear power plants with an option for a further four.

The solution is the construction of new nuclear power stations, which sure enough the concerns the public to be easier, he said. There are new projects that much better than reactors, he set the previous generation down. In fact nuclear energy expert came the is inevitable at the end for each State of the greenhouse gas emissions, want to RID.

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