Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fuel cell Announces milestone Department of energy used

Wednesday, May 16, 2012
On 14 may, the Department of energy announced that more than a thousand fuel cells due to the support of the American recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 were made available. In the last three years, almost 1200 fuel cell in an emergency backup were deployed units and handling equipment such as fork-lift trucks. US companies this investment gives more options, reduce energy costs and oil used.

Companies are increasingly fuel cells for the in place-primary or for buildings, data centers and masts, high reliability and low emissions electricity production install. Until today, where close to have 700 fuel cells were deployed to provide backup power supply with $18.5 million in Recovery Act funding. Fuel cells are quiet and need not oil, so that they produce few emissions and pollutants. Fuel cells also typically require minimal maintenance, and they can be easily monitored from afar to further reduce of the maintenance time. In addition many leading American companies are fuel cells to their handling due to the productivity, cost, makes the choice and performance advantages of the fuel cell forklift truck. Funded under the Recovery Act, with $ 9.7 million more than 500 fuel cell forklift trucks are systems to support data collection and analysis, and training now operation to the public along with the tank.

Hydrogen fuel cells to do emit no harmful air pollutants, and they can increase productivity fueled up quickly. Fuel cells maintain also full power between refuel. All of these projects collected data are aggregated, status results provide relevant technology and fuel cells performance data, without revealing proprietary information. These publicly available data products provide important information for future investors and customers. See the Energy Department progress closely and the fuel cell technology website.

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