Sunday, April 29, 2012

Department of energy offers $ 9 million to improve the forecasting-solar

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Energy Department on 23 April announced is that $ 9 million available this year to help utilities and grid operators better forecast when, where and how much solar power in U.S. solar power plants are produced. Improved solar forecasts can make operators to integrate more solar power into the grid, and to ensure that the economic and reliable delivery of renewable energy. The selected projects, part of the DOE's SunShot initiative, takes up to three years and will need more than 20% of the total budget from private and other sources.

Changes in weather can cause variations in the solar power industry. Improved forecasting technologies help utilities and makes better predict operator, when clouds and other weather-related factors will reduce the intensity of incoming sunlight in solar installations. This information allows utilities and operators, to more accurately anticipate changes in the production of solar power and take measures to ensure the stability of the national power grid. This can reduce the costs for the integration of solar power stations in the network.

DOE selects competing one or two projects for this funding, potentially partnership with national laboratories, universities and industry. Winner is striving to improve the accuracy of the solar forecast in the demand forecast, short-term (1-6 hours) and day-ahead time frame. The Energy Department plans to fund projects that improve can integrate modelling, ground-breaking methods for accurate prediction find solar energy output, for solar energy in power system operations advanced weather forecasts and show the economic benefits and improved reliability of more accurate forecasts. See DOE progress alert, the full announcement for the funding opportunity Exchange and the SunShot initiative Web site.

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