Saturday, March 31, 2012

Plan of the Coalition deals to speed up adoption of Plug-In electric vehicles

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Consumers, the Nissan leaf and other EVs available under one of the PEV dialogue group proposed plan found.
Credit card: Nissan

A coalition of automakers, utilities, environmental groups, government officials and DOE on March 13 described joint recommendations for speeding up the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) nationwide. The PEV dialogue group convened its recommendations will be presented last year by the Center for climate and energy solutions (C2ES), an event of Washington, D.C..

The report which provides Group, a plan of action to integrate plug-in electric vehicles with the U.S. power grid, overwhelm a roadmap for a concerted action of the public and private sectors to ensure that PEV comfortably can connect owner in their cars without the grid. It is nationwide recommended steps to ensure compatible regulatory approaches to balance public and private investment in the charging infrastructure and better consumer information on PEVs. Support in the coming months C2ES DOE clean cities funded coalitions working in dozens of communities across the country to the local PEV to develop deployment plans.

C2ES works with the PEV-dialogue group and others to promote the implementation of the plan. Last year, nearly 18,000 PEVs in the United States were sold; in the next year or two, all the big automakers want to have models on the road. Some PEVs have how the Nissan leaf rely completely on battery operated, during the Chevy Volt and other backup to extend engines enough their driving. Distribution of PEVs, which use little or even no petrol, can significantly reduce U.S. reliance on imported oil and reduce harmful tailpipe emissions. See press release C2ES.

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