Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Japan's majority in favour of phasing-out of nuclear power: survey

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Tokyo (Reuters) - a large majority of the Japanese to accept the gradual phase-out of nuclear power stations but that some reactors need to be restarted to enough, a survey of the newspaper makes short term, on Sunday to secure.

The survey, published in the newspaper Tokyo Shimbun and performed on the first anniversary of the tsunami-triggered nuclear crisis that arises before the decision by the Government, whether the restart of two idled nuclear reactors can soon be expected.

According to the survey of Japan Association for public opinion, 79.6 per cent of respondents at least more or less in favor of breaking with nuclear power eventually were research.

But 69 percent behind the restart some nuclear reactors, to ensure sufficient energy. Only 28 percent were opposed.

Currently only two of the 54 nuclear reactors in the country are operating, but both will be switched off expected may beginning, which makes potential shortages this summer.

The survey is in stark contrast to a poll in the Asahi Shimbun last week when 57 percent of those polled were opposed to restart reactors.

Die Debatte über die Kernenergie hat sich zunehmend beheizten nach einem mächtigen Erdbeben und Tsunami im März dieses Jahres gelähmt die Fukushima Atomkraftwerk nordöstlich von Tokio und seiner Art die schlimmste Katastrophe seit Tschernobyl 1986 ausgelöst.

The Government has stated that he eventually its dependence of Atomic-which reduced percent before the crisis 30 of electricity.

Trade Minister Yukio Edano said this month that no nuclear reactors in Japan in time for the summer, to continue and the operations can the country before an estimated 10 percent makes deficiency during demand hours in summer to leave.

The Government has run stress tests on the reactors for their safety prove a cynical public. But many local governments have requested a more comprehensive set of tests, taking into account the account damage in Fukushima to host nuclear reactors.

(Reporting by Osamu Tsukimori, editing by Jonathan Thatcher)

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