Friday, February 03, 2012

The LED light bulb why cross the road?

Friday, February 03, 2012

Roland Risser, Program Manager, building technologies program

Everyone knows that laughter is good for you is. Studies suggest, it can be buffered voltage and your resistance to disease to increase. Also, it feels simply great to laugh. Advertisers have used the fascination of laughter for a long time to sell their products, and many Americans tune in, to the Super Bowl, only to chuckle in the funny commercials. However, when it, it might be difficult, people on smart energy solutions to sell Pointe be found. Mood as a marketing strategy using energy efficiency a bit more digestible could make?

Energy effects of Illinois, a beneficiary of the DOE's better building neighborhood program, tried to find fun in the field of energy efficiency. The goal? The benefits of home energy upgrades to communicate and motivate residents in improving their buildings. The program has two comedians of the second city entered - a Comedy Theatre whose Absolventen include Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Murray - "Cost of energy" to play, friends, the Chicago-area houses visit distribution of energy-saving tips.

"Little Bill" knows all the tricks to your home more energy efficient and your invoices, well, something make. "Big Bill's" show actions to understand overuse or abuse of the appliances like anything, can result in wasting energy heating and cooling – costs money. The contrast of the invoices is very amusing, fun but aside, impact Illinois spreads energy an important message. You can choose between two invoices. Instructions to more or to participate in energy impact Illinois are program on their website, Facebook page and Twitter account. The site offers a tool called MyHomeEQ, the Chicago-area residents about how much energy she could save upgrades with energy can be calculated and helps to dispose them with custom plans of their big Bill, while they connect with the local entrepreneurs. Read the full story on DOE's energy blog.

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