Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We can use one "smart home" future reach?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
New Hampshire, USA-the concept of smart grid utilities and consumers continue to confuse. Is it more cost effective? What is the best method for providing? Is the public ready for this? Do we need it actually?

J.d. power and Associates recently his "2011 smart energy behavioral segmentation consumer study," analyzes the consumers know and practices relating to energy efficiency and smart grid initiatives. The study divided consumers into different segments, to "innovator," customers, which significantly investing expenses for environmental and financial benefits "indifferent", those who are likely to change not their energy habits.

The study hopes utilities methods to optimize the energy efficiency and consumer habits to give. "Instead of focusing on how customers perceive intelligent energy, itself, is key to a stronger commitment in the understanding of the types of behaviors which require different types of customers behaviors, the utilities are - hope to promote," said Peter Shaw, senior director of the smart energy practice with j.d power and associates.. "Provides an efficient framework to optimize effective customer education and engagement strategies developed intelligent behavior in large to introduce various customer populations."

So which working methods for the majority of consumers? We live in a world, tech-savvy, where the public eagerly awaits the next iPhone so they can spend their free time on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Can utilities on our Web-based culture be?

Test projects run including the (NRECA) demonstration project funded by the Department of energy to determine the possibilities, in the United States, national rural electric cooperative association. It aims to reach more than 700,000 consumers in 12 Member States. The project has many objectives, of which cost-cutting and efficiency is, which often are distances between houses and where utilities are forced, major efforts to travel services. It is to its customers with energy-efficiency practices to educate.

The project is innovative technology strategies including local shows to achieve Web portals and other advanced infrastructure to improve the energy monitoring and efficiency, its objectives.

Other well-known companies are gearing up to release "smart home"-technology. At the last 2011 solar power international map in Dallas, Texas, Sanyo announced that there is a with Brightgrid partnership is, to unveil a new solar leasing program. With each contract, they include a free 3D television. What has this to do with a smart House? Sanyo shows the aim to release of a home energy of management system on the TV show, there are away.

Customers are able to their energy view consumption habits their renewable system efficiency monitor and use media statistics social with family, friends and neighbors share. "We try to make a joint." "People are now separated, and we try straight, restore", said Matt White by Sanyo. Be connected not only consumers, will they be trained. The system includes games and other features, to inform users about energy efficiency. "It is the next step in a smart home," said White.

Recently, SunReports have the social media market with a Facebook application that displays solar panel efficiency. "If you publish it on Facebook, you can use your friends questions about," Oh, I didn't know you had solar. As is, that the work? "Promotes dialogue and awareness of solar for all", said Tom Dinkel, CEO of SunReports. The overall goal is to promote the adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

So you take each test project with innovation, utilities closer on the smart-grid in our lives to integrate a small step. The question is: they are on the right track?

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