Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Natural gas industry pins hopes on coal the decline

Tuesday, December 27, 2011
By Simone Sebastian
Houston Chronicle

The haste that promises a century the nation energy with heating oil supply drilling natural gas is a critical element is missing:


Technology that buried fossil fuels allows a hole has frenzy in Slate rock regions, including North Texas Barnett Shale, pushing the supply of natural gas at a record high and its prices to sinus of cavernous lows drills on tight. But consumer desire for fuel have slowed down heat energy-efficient buildings and a mild autumn in the North.

"There is a lot of gas in the market now, to go but not many places," said Bruce McDowell, Director of policy analysis for the American Gas Association.

Increasingly, industry observers say, is the most promising cure for the glow of the waning popularity of coal. The Federal push to limit emissions has search utilities for low-cost alternative to traditional coal-fired plants.

"We have to find a way, use to increase for natural gas," said McDowell. "Power generation is the obvious choice."

Since 2008 the price of natural gas decreased thermal Friday units on $3.11 at close of trading from its high of $13.58 per million British. Natural gas undertakings include chills on December demand and prices drive.

But this year the cold weather season started with a record high supply of natural gas in the market, while heating needs have remained so far low, Alan Lammey said energy markets, lead analyst for WeatherBell analytics.

The circumstances are not isolated. The United States on natural gas heating for years, cooling was as offices and homes more energy efficient.

The number of oil rigs in the North American gas fields has fallen 14 percent last year dropped to 802, according to Baker Hughes, the rig is tracked. But there are signs that gas at the dawn of a golden age.

Political pressure is driving power generators burn cleaner to look at natural gas as an alternative to coal.

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