Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fueling the Navy green fleet with advanced biofuels

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Of oil, energy plays a central role in almost everything, what does the U.S. military fuel nozzles and vehicles to supply battery packs, infantry. It is essential that energy sources maintain the military are subject to the whims of the outer Nations by this dependency. Another option for fuel are increasingly as important produces renewable energy sources as solar play in this effort, advanced biofuels in Germany.

The latest milestone in this effort to our energy supplies to secure is the December 5 announcement that the defense of Logistics Agency has signed 450,000 gallons of domestic purchase extended drop in bio-fuel for the Navy. This agreement builds from a new partnership between the Navy, DOE and the Department of agriculture investing to advanced biofuels for military and commercial transport - up to $ 510 million and it represents, the largest purchase ever undertaken of bio-fuels by the Government.

By 2016, the Navy, a large green plans fleet powered to provide alternative fuels. Advanced biofuels, which help fuel would be the proposed Navy ships and aircraft from a variety of biomass ingredients in some regions of the country.

So, what's behind the rise of biofuels? There was considerable progress in the pursuit of a better recipe for bio-fuels in large part. Instead of the processing of raw materials, which could otherwise be used for food, the next-generation fuels can be produced from a variety of ingredients including dedicated energy crops such as switchgrass, to the non-edible parts of maize plants unmarketable wood from the forest industry - resources, which otherwise would go to lose to and with them our fuel energy independence. Read the energy blog post.

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