Friday, December 23, 2011

$9 for a gallon a gas in Alaska? What is the cost in your country?

Friday, December 23, 2011
A story last week reported that one might consider residents of Nome, Alaska, costly winter: $9 a gallon gasoline. The message has some 3,500 residents legally, in the coastal town of freaked out.

"It is going to kill us," said sunny song, owner of Mr.. cab, the children to school ferries, to give birth hospitals nurses of their houses and women patients.

According to the associated press report, a barge get usually carrying fuel from the banks prevents a winter storm. The most likely plan is it in fly, but it would be costly and could be a logistical nightmare.

A gallon gasoline was sold for $5.98 per gallon last week. Delivery on the next barge would be not until June of next year. In the meantime said flying fuel in the city that could increase costs per gallon from $3 to $4, officials.

Put that in context, the average price of a gallon gasoline in New York is about $3.60. In Missouri, it is only $3.017.

See what is the price at the pump in the neck of the Woods, AAA of the updated chart.

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