Sunday, November 13, 2011

B.C. residents to $5 K in clean energy cars

Sunday, November 13, 2011
B.C. residents get 1 up to $5,000 from the sticker price of a legitimate clean energy vehicle from Dec.

Environment Minister Terry Lake said Saturday that the discount includes qualified new vehicles, the electrical battery, fuel cell-electric, hybrid electric plug in and those who work with compressed natural gas.

Andrea Mercer, a spokeswoman of the Ministry, said that it currently up to 30 vehicles for fleets Basso continuo, and 10 to 20 for residential use.

During the 17 - million-dollar program, the province is funding for new charge also providing stations and updated on hydrogen refuelling stations in our sites.

House and homeowners who want to install charger get a mail-in rebate of $500 for eligible units, beginning December 1.

Mercer said home charging stations cost up to $1,500 and the Environment Ministry will publish a list of qualified providers and eligible.

"Be installed in your garage, or they can outside, depending on what is your Setup provided."
Hydro low cost

Similar discount programs on vehicles and charging stations are in Quebec and Ontario, she said, adding that both provinces provide only E-mail-in for clean energy new vehicles discounts.

Blair Qualey, President of the new car dealers Association of b.c.., said that the sector with automakers to new clean energy vehicles market has worked on the province.

"Vehicles, who searched for the rebate expected to be less than $300 a year in hydro costs above $1,500 per year to a gas-powered car fuel,", he said.

On Saturday, the scrap-it program was also expanded, so that qualified 1995 or older can get rid of the pass, car sharing memberships, or $300 more British Columbians gas guzzlers for incentives, such as bus.

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