Friday, September 16, 2011

Sundarbans was renewable energy project on track

Friday, September 16, 2011

PowerMinistry of power in West Bengal [PIC] has invited bids for the largest renewable energy project in which was country Sundarbans, who see an investment of over 90 case crore, an official said the top Ministry here on Thursday.

"We have invited offers for the biomass-solar hybrid project, which would be the largest renewable energy initiative in the country."

"By this the connection almost 11 Islands in the Sundarbans region." It would be a localized grid-with separate production and distribution.

"The cost of this project, which would be set up in the public-private-partnership mode, is expected to more than 90 case crore (RS 900 million)," M said K de, principal Secretary, Department of makes and non-conventional energy sources, on the verge of an energy Summit organised by the European economy and technology centre and the Chamber of Commerce of Bengal.

The project type of biomass solar energy and would in a viability gap funding for a model in which the end product sold will be developed at a certain price.

According to de would biomass and solar energy be used, as planned, around the clock powered.

In the meantime, he added, in the most recent package 100 RS crore allocated to the State of the Central Government, (case 1 billion) is specifically designed for clean energy initiative and the Department would allocate as the Aganecy nodes in these projects.

EU bets big on India [PIC]

EBTC, founded by the Erupean Union to promote initiatives of enterprises in India was, said that European clean energy companies would be India the next big market.

After EBTC Dierctor Poul V Jensen are at least 25 deals in the pipeline and 5 are in India with European companies in the clean energy sector.

The body, which was established in 2009 especially for India, focuses on four sector-biotechnology, energy, environment and transport.

"Such the Organization was relieved here on Thursday between Kolkata based Hari machines and RAFACO from Poland signed for cooperation in the development of circulating fluid bed boiler."

This would help significantly the European makes equipment to expand "their base in India, he said."

Both companies would Watts in the country now bid for the supply of boiler, coal-based projects of up to 100 mega.

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