Sunday, September 25, 2011

'Green' project of Adams on wind, solar energy

Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Green" project in Adams, wind, solar to include EnergyBy DIANE WETZEL | Friday, 19 August 2011 4: 08 am the CDT

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The North Platte Telegraph computer science student at Adams middle school will see soon green energy in action. North Platte City Council approved this week a permit for the school to a road on the West side of the school to build 33-foot-tall wind turbine tower lamp. "It is a vertical wind turbine, which means that it can to catch wind from all directions," said Adams science teacher Steve Nicholson. "It is also quieter than the turbines, you can be seen along the highway." Last year, eighth class has computer science students in their choice for a green energy project. "If the new lamp installed I plane, back for a ceremony to invite the students, so they see their plan in action," Nicholson said.

The street light wind and solar combined, Nicholson said. "It is to bring a kind of green electricity in the school and to promote energy responsible for our students," he said. Joseph Hewgley & associates working with the school on the project. "It's a very unique piece, a transfigured light pole position,", said Ryan Stearns, LEED AP at the company. "It is itself carrying, the whole purpose for the solar panel and wind turbine for the energy supply for the light in the night." It uses no electricity and provide extra lighting on the West side of the school away. "It is a 100% green product and unique teaching materials," Stearns said. "We are working with the technology class and they had much input as part of their curriculum."

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