Tuesday, September 27, 2011

MONROE: Explore solar power for new high school district

Tuesday, September 27, 2011
David Kilby, editor-in-Chief

MONROE - dawn with the premiere of the new high school, Monroe consider Township school officials installing solar panels over the school, which they say will save the district over the long term.

Design ideas group architecture and planning, New Brunswick, gave a presentation to the Board of education in the session Wednesday, outlining a project about 1890 on the roofs of the Auditorium and gymnasium in the new gymnasium would install solar panels.

Each panel generates 240 watt electricity for about 454 kW.

Without solar cells, electricity for the new gymnasium would million dollar annual cost. The solar panel project would first 2.85 million cost and $382,000 per year. If again rely on solar panels for its energy, it would take seven and a half years for them to get a return on their investment.

Member Mark Klein asked whether district federal grant money is entitled when it installed the panels, but said no, because it is a public institution.

Michael Gorski, school business administrator, said the solar panel project as an element in the range of equipment of approved the referendum for the high school.

Ken Chiarella, Member of the Board and their representatives for buildings and grounds Committee, said that the Committee wanted to see whether it can save the District money in solar energy.

"Everything, we saw that, it seems from the economic point of view like a good idea," he said, to see some other energy options with the economy and gas prices wanted to add them to the Committee.

Mr. Leary said, that the integration of solar energy provides, "organizational disorder" under the committees since apparently committees still not the topic together discussed the building and real estate and finance.

He said "building and real estate comes never to finance (sessions)".

If district solar power chooses you it would be his source of energy.

"It seems reasonable to pay, and have our own system," said Michele Arminio, Nathaniel Street.

Income for the district solar power is already generate. Oak tree elementary school in Monroe has sold a small solar farm, renewable solar energy credits on the open market.

"We have accepted $40,000 per year from the sale of these energy resources," said Mr Gorski.

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