Sunday, September 04, 2011

HILLSBOROUGH: student visit the forum for nuclear energy

Sunday, September 04, 2011
Hillsborough teenagers were spoken among 200 New Jersey students and their teachers, the nuclear energy in the 8th Woodrow Wilson School public affairs annual Forum at Princeton University.

12 May event was co-sponsored by the n.j. Education Foundation partnership, a non-profit for public education. The students met and spoke with the experts from science and politics.

Alexander Glaser, Assistant Professor at the Woodrow Wilson School and M.V. Ramana, associate research fellow at the school program on Science and global security, presents "everything you wanted to know about nuclear energy, but were afraid, ask."

Research engineer Eric Larson of Princeton environmental Institutepresented "nuclear in New Jersey: status and alternatives?"

Laura Kahn, MD, research fellow at the program on Science and global security, presents "leadership, crises and nuclear reactor accidents: health and public security."

After the presentations were the students pay to answer two questions:

• What should do, New Jersey to the existing nuclear facilities (in terms of health, energy, security, use of existing power plants)?

• What should New Jersey about nuclear energy goes forward do?

Woodrow Wilson School diploma students and public affairs staff supports students, present their policy recommendations to the full group to articulate.

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