Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Viewpoint: Community-centric model for geothermal energy provided

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Innovation development group held recently a meeting at the Mayor Hannibal Tavares Community Center on Maui, geothermal energy on sustainable community-oriented way to the Hawaiian Islands to discuss development. Big Mahalo to the Maui community for more than 150 people who take time to come talk to us - we were thrilled by the positive response - attended.

How many learn is a native-owned, Hawaii-based strategic planning innovations development group and development company specializing in the development of indigenous land and resource management assets with a focus on renewable energy.

We are currently working with Maori land trusts in New Zealand so that it's their geothermal resources in a way to develop the environmentally, economically and culturally sustainable.

Our proprietary native to-native model for development, which we are already using in New Zealand, provides a fair return all stakeholders – investors, the landowners, including the indigenous peoples, who have the assets.

Key elements of our native to-native model include indigenous participation, protection of indigenous lands and community benefits in terms of employment, scholarships and training. We want to apply our native to-native model for development of geothermal resources on Maui, in partnership with Maui Electric Co. and the wider community.

The informative session we July 20 became the first of many yet to come. We will be hosting community workshops provide training on the various technologies to be contemplated, are commitments, community benefit-sharing, a creation of community confidence and small businesses for the Maui project financing. We have been and will continue to fully transparent in the way his in which we approach this opportunity.

While we were pleased that our recent meeting the Maui news, we think it is covered some important, perhaps unintentionally misleading to correct impressions that article has been left on 22 July.

First of all, our process is open, fair and based on input of the community. It is how we manage our geothermal venture in New Zealand and it is how we are run.

Secondly we were published in February in planning mode for MECO his initial announcement on the company renewable energy projects on Maui. Still the complete request for proposal has not be released. Details are worked out, and we will with the public in the future, the meetings and, where appropriate, the corresponding share information, not proprietary or confidential nature. The figures for the cost quoted for the production of geothermal energy does not exactly represent what was said at the meeting.

A few other clarifications, which point out: Mililani Trask is no officer of IDG, but rather a principal indigenous consultant, a contractor of IDG. Ku'ulei Kealoha Cooper is trustee of the Kealoha estate, not Kealoha Foundation.

Hulu Lindsey is part of IDG. Bob Lindsey, an Office of Hawaiian Affairs trustee, was not in the session as reported, although it is of course true that OHA the session helped sponsor.

We look forward to working with the community of Maui in the geothermal venture, and see flow advantages to all parties. That we believe would be a Pono way to approach of the development of public assets and build a truly diversified, renewable energy portfolio for the Islands. We can no longer make the totally private sector, profit-oriented model of the past. It has proved ruinous.

We believe that our already embraced development approach for our jointly owned geothermal plants is native to-native model, at the international level, fits the hopes and we all have dreams for Hawaii's energy independence. We're on encouraged by the Assembly dynamics of interest, what we have to offer by IDG. We give briefings, legislators, the Department of land and natural resources, the Department of Hawaiian home of lands, OHA and others involved in and were invited by the discussion have stimulated these briefings. Furthermore, the continuing positive requests of the public stress all us in faith, the time now is different thinking and go boldly to use the great gifts that Pele has left for that probably all.

* Patricia is the Chief Executive Officer of innovations development group.

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