Monday, August 29, 2011

Mountain Valley throws switch on photovoltaic system

Monday, August 29, 2011
Two switches flipped GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado - Heather Johnson Friday morning and officially the activates new solar electric system on the roof at Mountain Valley developmental services.

"Cool!" said Johnson, a mountain valley client and Glenwood Springs-based, be carried out after the ceremony.

In fact produces clean electricity electric solar system for about a week, according to Bruce Christensen, Managing Director of the non-profit agency. He has checked the system of inverter on the day to see, how much energy that it produces and how much carbon dioxide it keeps out of the atmosphere.

"Until the end of the year, we will save 100 tons of carbon dioxide,", said Christensen.

"With a system like this you really carbon reduction can take into your own hands", said Isaac Ellis, small Sunsense system project manager solar from Carbondale, the installation program of the system.

Mountain Valley is solar system rated to 10 kilowatts under maximum solar conditions produce electricity. In the first week it had produced electricity, the amount of electricity to be used for the settlement already 362.

In the course of a year the system is expected to generate at least one third of the electrical requirements at Mountain Valley offices, classrooms and greenhouse in South Glenwood, and store the not-for profit $1,300 on their electricity bill.

While a "toast and tour" celebration Friday on the new concentrated solar system, the project involved also a new roof and lighting upgrades for the 90-year-old building.

"We do not think that it makes sense to put that had a 30-year life, panels on a 32-year-old roof" Christensen said.

-A light tomato red metal roof, which replaced the old, little leaking, faded red roof - cost $49,884 the new roof. A $25,000 scholarship of the Aspen Community Foundation for half of the cost of that paid for the upgrade.

Mountain Valley worked also to its overall electrical requirements to reduce, so that the solar system could compensate for its electrical use more. With the help of the Garfield clean energy challenge replaced Valley its older Office and greenhouse lighting with a more efficient ballasts and lamps. The investment cost $8,735 and a Garfield clean energy rebate for $5000, the cost paid.

About half the cost of the solar system was also paid by discounts. System costs $51,250 install and mountain valley received a $10,000-discount of Governor's energy Office, a $15,000-Glenwood Springs electric and a $3,000 discount-discount by the community for resource efficiency.

$23250, Left the mountain valley health financing cost of the solar system.

The new system increases a smaller solar electric system in the on the top of mountain valley greenhouse, currently from Aspen Skiing co. Environment Foundation funded. The Agency has also space in the solar-powered third street Center in Carbondale.

Now searching employees in installing solar energy at the Agency in mud, a former Church, which has a large South coated roof.

"We have to rebuild our reserves, and then we look at the sludge plant," Christensen said.

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