Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Japan's Hiroshima City marks atomic bombings on

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

HIROSHIMA, Japan (AP) - the Japanese city of Hiroshima on Saturday the 66th anniversary of the bombing, as the nation marked a different kind of disaster of nuclear technology - a nuclear power plant in a meltdown crisis, fights after he hit by a tsunami.The site of the world's first a-bomb attack observed a moment of silent 8:15 am Saturday (2315 GMT Friday)-the time bomb falling, Aug. 6, 1945, was left by the United States in the final stages of the second WELTKRIEGS.The bomb destroyed most of the city and more than 140,000 people killed. A second atomic bombings on 9 August that year in Nagasaki in tens of thousands more killed and asked to surrender to the Japanese.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan on Saturday laid a wreath of yellow flowers on Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and repeat reaffirmed Japan's promise, never the horrors of Hiroshima, which are suffering today because of the diseases, which for generations passed continues.Japan has long vowed never to make or possess nuclear weapons, but embraced nuclear power as it to the rebuild and modernize after the war.Crowds umklammert bowed their heads Buddhist prayer beads Saturday in memory of the dead, as pigeons during the solemn assembly published were every year before the skeleton dome of a bomb devastated building being reviewed.The Prime Minister, in his speech touched also Japan's younger nuclear disaster in the northeastern Fukushima Dai-Ichi power plant, where a massive tsunami set off by an earthquake of magnitude 9.0 on 11 March knocked out backup generators, the plant cooling mechanisms powered.

"Kan repeated a promise to embrace renewable energy sources and rely less on nuclear power."Japan also works its energy policy from scratch to revise "Kan" said. "I regret deeply to the security myth of nuclear power to believe."Hiroshima Mayor Kazumi Matsui stopped behind the call for a nation without nuclear power during Retierating be promise, to work towards a world without nuclear weapons.But he confirmed that confidence in the safety of nuclear power damaged people. "Some are trying to give up nuclear power as a whole with the faith that humanity demand stricter regulation of nuclear power and more renewable energy with nuclear energy, are used while others can not," he said.

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