Friday, August 26, 2011

Green wrongly be produced bio-fuels can harmful

Friday, August 26, 2011

London, July 31 (IANS) petrol and diesel with plant-based biofuels be replaced the making of this in mitigating climate change significantly, but can force or fuels could have hazardous chemicals, says new research.

The study which can predict the level of toxicity of biofuels from computer analysis, says chemist Solvejg Jorgensen at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Jorgensen of the calculations also show that produced by the wrong path of synthesis to compounds such as health hazardous smog, cancer-causing particles, and toxic formaldehyde will decompose biofuels.

Research promises faster and above all, safer developing of alternatives to fossil fuels cheaper, Journal of physical chemistry A reports.

Before an assessment of the impact of a particular method of production on the environment could not be performed until the fuel is actually, made according to Copenhagen.

"There are around an almost unlimited number of different ways, on these fuels." We show that follow least dangerous way and we can do this with a series of calculations that take only days ' Jorgensen, explains.

Chemically, bio-fuels consist of extremely large molecules. As they are affected when you burn and later in the air, they Peel several different connections.

But Jorgensen was astonished to see a big difference in toxicity there depending on how the molecules put together during production. She was also up worn, of the fact that she can calculate quickly and precisely the degradation mechanisms for a bio-fuel molecule.

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