Friday, July 08, 2011

Purdue team solar-powered home page contains "Wow factor"

Friday, July 08, 2011

There was no shortage of solar energy or excitement, Saturday as Purdue students a House showed that they harness have created the Sun energy.

"We have maximized the entire 984-square-foot in that House," said Sarah Miller, a student in technology used in home project their design skills on the Bachelor for the last two years.

In home is Purdues entry in the US Department of energy Solar Decathlon 2011. Purdue was one of the 20 teams selected last April in design, construction and operation of affordable and attractive solar-powered homes compete.

With plenty of sunshine Saturday, monitors in the house built on McCormick road in West Lafayette more energy tracks, taken from the tree as spent. The excess energy is of panels along the roof will be sold back to Duke Energy-the offset helps purchase necessary, to the House at night and on cloudy or rainy days, power, said Mike Miller, a construction engineering in the project.

The aim of the House is on "Net zero" on electricity costs.

And with the structure that they have created confidence in this possibility and its opportunities in Washington, D.C., is the team competition will the House this fall.

The team, in the last two years has included approximately 200 students, must destroy the House and transport them by truck to the National Mall.

Matt Hebdon, a high civil engineering student, said that although the modular House, 17-foot vaulted ceilings has it and a lot of interior space, it is ready for the journey. The roof of the House is removable, so that the pieces, which in addition to the main level taken not too high to go under bridges.

When the competition is complete, return the home to the Lafayette.

Kathy was of Lafayette one of hundreds in Saturday's open house visit.

"It's really impressive," she said after their tour. "I like the way they rethink systems are."

On the solar cells contain many aspects of energy efficiency in the House building of the team.

The wall areas with insulation, instead of two by fours with gaps between, and the Windows have three areas to further aid in the heating and cooling during different seasons. Hot and cold water to various areas of the House through individual pipes, sends the water heater to narrow, the energy output required. And the main hall contains a "living wall" Ivy planted to support course with air purification.

"We have plants in my house, but why not try it so?" Evans said. "It is simply fascinating."

Bonnie Weston of Brookston also visited and said, it away was blown by the close of finished product of the student crew.

"To think, that a House can operate, the way is amazing," she said.

Keith flora, also of Brookston, said, although there are many high-tech systems at work in the home it is very handy.

Hebdon said that "Wow factor" in mind, the House was designed, even though the team was given specific height and width restrictions.

"We do not want to out, constrained," he said. "And we wanted that to see here there are simple things that anyone can do to their home more energy efficient people."

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