Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Bengali protest gas deal with general strike

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

DHAKA, Bangladesh - a citizens ' initiative on Sunday a six-hour general strike in Bangladesh capital forced some endocrine harmful enterprises and transport, to demand that the Government cancel deal a gas production, US energy giant ConocoPhillips.

Video footage of the ATN Bangla television station showed a group of angry demonstrators, the destruction of a car on the streets. Security officers cordoned off the Office of the protesters in downtown Dhaka Purana Paltan area.

Two officials of the metropolitan police in Dhaka said that about arrested, that trying 50 protestors to demonstrate, however, that some were quickly released. Associated press said officials with the under condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak with the media.

Schools were closed during the strike.

Last month, the Government one contract product-sharing to explore with ConocoPhillips gas in deep waters of the Bay of Bengal. ConocoPhillips said they run in two areas of 1,992 square miles as soon as possible would like to explore, and that it must result in seismic surveys in two blocks with water depths of 0.6 miles to km.

The Government says the business is business, but the group that called meet the strike needed to growing energy requirements for its development - National Committee for protection of oil, gas and mineral resources, power and ports - it says compromise of Bangladesh interests.

The Government has accused the critic who misinterpreted some clauses in the deal.

Bangladesh is fighting for the growing demand for gas.

A forecast predicts that the running current reserves by 2014-15, and the country with up to 250 million cubic metres in gas deficiency every day. Bangladesh has proven natural gas reserves of up to 15 trillion cubic feet.

Sangu gas field, operated by Australia's Santos, is the country's lone Baltic operation field. US energy, that giant Chevron of Bangladesh onshore gas fields, about 50 percent of the gas to the national gas line is busy.

The Bay of Bengal have competing claims over some areas of Bangladesh, India, and Myanmar and Bangladesh has petition to the United Nations in an effort to establish his rights.

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