Monday, May 09, 2011

TEPCO Chief stranded started as a crisis

Monday, May 09, 2011
TOKYO - the Japanese Government said Tuesday it had the President of the utility do continue in Japan's nuclear power plant by a military transport flight a few hours after a tsunami, is an accident caused, saying it required the aircraft to supply battered Northeast fly came.

Reuters Tepco President Masataka Shimizu is shown talking to the media earlier this month. The Japanese Government said Tuesday it joined the Executive of a military transport flight caused a few hours after a tsunami an accident there last month.

The incident, confirmed in news conferences by Japan's top Government spokesman and Minister of defence, underline the exceptional burdens and the confusion, the decisions in the wake of March of 11 massive earthquake and tsunami, the thousands killed and solved one of the largest makes nuclear disasters in history characterized.

The incident helps explain also why the President of Tokyo Electric Power Co., or Tepco, it never made the crisis in Tokyo on 11 March by the Kansai region a few headquarters one hundred miles to the West, where he was when the quake hit. As President, Masataka Shimizu Tepco disaster response team should head and approve emergency measures, such as such as the ventilation of the radioactive steam from overheating reactors.

Observers have said, Mr Shimizu absence of company's slowness in these tough calls response can have contributed during the critical first hours.

By the time Mr. Shimizu was finally to Tokyo the next morning, overheating reactor No. 1 had caused fuel rods in Fukushima Daiichi pressure dangerous increase, and the company had not started venting of the steam. The delayed venting can to an explosion in the reactor building during the day experts say led have.

Mr. Shimizu, who Charter a helicopter to Tokyo morning of March 12, said that he was the situation in the Western Japan connection and everything was properly handled.

Tuesday news conferences Defense Minister Toshimi Kitazawa and chief Government spokesman Yukio Edano defended the decision, Mr. Shimizu military transport, refuse to say that on the evening of 11 March, it was to other possibilities for the Tepco President return to Tokyo.

"If the President Tepco were stranded not questions, for a level, had somewhere self-defense force, I could understand, because he had to handle on the nuclear accident," said Mr Edano. "But between Nagoya and Tokyo, where roads were open to travel, I have to questions, why he made a request for consultations."

TEPCO says that not the case, as Mr Shimizu tried that back to Tokyo after the earthquake magnitude-9 hit at 2:46 pm on 11 March. Two highways had closures and Japan's high-speed train was not run in immediately after the quake, said a Tepco of spokesman for. Mr. Shimizu, East, could travel get as far as Nagoya, 165 miles or 264 km west of Tokyo, he said.

At 9: 40 showed in the evening, as some of the reactors in Tepco's Fukushima Daiichi plant, that signs of a heating up dangerous, Mr Shimizu in a call to Japan's self defense forces, asked to return to Tokyo in a cargo plane be flown. He received the approval of low-level civil servants, and the aircraft flying from Nagoya to 11:30 pm

But Mr. Kitazawa had request Mr. Shimizu actually 10 minutes early at 11:20 am, say, that the transport of supplies to the Northeast Japan had to Quake and tsunami battered be given priority. An official self-defense forces ordered the plane back to Nagoya. Mr. Shimizu came in Tokyo the next morning.

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