Friday, May 13, 2011

Risks remain in Japanese nuclear power plants

Friday, May 13, 2011

TOKYO, April 26 UPI)-backup generators to many Japanese nuclear power plants lack capacity to keep reactor, that would be cool to strike one another earthquake or tsunami cores, say sources.

Japanese nuclear regulatory authorities of the country's 11 nuclear plant operators to provide extra truck-mounted generators on high ground asked, where is no tsunami flood it, provide power for cooling reactor systems on heavy-duty waterproof cable, reported on Tuesday.

However, said sources in the nuclear utilities have said, which makes Kyodo news that could provide the backups would insufficient

In Hamaoka on the use of a plant generators sit five reactors on a quake-prone subduction zone, Chubu Electric power nine new diesel lack sufficient system performance, cooling was called.

Another work in Tsuruga needs certainly cool its nuclear reactors, 3,500 kilowatt but the backups can only 1,020 kilowatts, Kyodo provide reports, cannot be a situation that will be fixed by next March.

The situation is not good for Japan bode. Nuclear power stations can not be off as residual heat from low level nuclear fission constantly way needs to be drawn from the core, and a lack of backup power supply means the risk or a reality remains more accidents.

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