Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Obama Announces steps to accelerate us oil production

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WASHINGTON (AP) - With a view to further public unhappiness about gas prices, President Barack Obama directs his Government gaming playback profile to US oil production by extending existing leases in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of Alaska and keep more lease sales in one federal petroleum reserve in the Alaska.

Obama said on Saturday, that the measures "makes sense" helps you reduce U.S. consumption of imported oil in the long run. But he confirmed again that they will not help to immediately gas prices topping $4 a gallon in many parts of the country bring.His announcement followed passage in the Republican controlled House of the three invoices - including two this week expanded and would accelerate offshore oil and gas drilling. Republicans say the Bills are aimed at easing gasoline costs, but they also recognize that his is not immediately.

The White House had announced against all three bills, it is unlikely that the democratically controlled Senate, reviews say the measures undermine security and open you ecologically sensitive areas to new drilling would pass.

But Obama is the Bills Annahme.Beantwortung of the call to the Republicans and Democrats of Gulf Coast States, Obama, said provisions in his weekly radio and Internet address that he would extend all golf leases by a temporary moratorium on drilling affected were imposed after the last year's BP oil spill response plan. That would give companies are starting to drill additional time.The Administration had to extensions of case case has been granted, but senior officials said management, Department one interior ceiling one-year extension would Institute.

New safety requirements introduced as the BP spill also have drilling in Alaska delayed it, he said Obama leasing terms for one year as also would extend. An oil lease is typically 10 Jahre.Lease sales in the Western and Central Gulf of Mexico, which were postponed last year are to middle of next year, the same time period required by the House take place.

A sale off the Virginia Coast would not done no earlier than 2017. But he said Obama speed up environmental reviews can start seismic studies to determine how much is oil and gas off the Atlantic coast.To further speed up drilling off the Alaskan coast, where such plans approval have been moved from Shell Oil Co. of an air pollution, Obama said that he would create an interagency task force to coordinate the necessary permits. He is also the annual turnover lease on the north slope of Alaska in the great national petroleum reserve keep.

Officials said recent sales in the last year but was that they had been held not on any fixed schedule.Republicans sold off by the lack of progress in shell drilling legislation have created other than drilling in Alaska by air pollution laws."House natural resources Committee Chairman doc Hastings of Washington, sponsor of the legislation, said it was"ironic"Obama"has now taken steps baby in our direction"after the White House and Congress, Democrats criticized the Bills."

The President finally is what Republican, knew that expansion of American energy to help lower prices and "said generating jobs, Hastings.Obama calls billions in taxpayers to eliminate subsidies for oil and gas companies Democrats and Republican votes."In the weekly Republican news Alabama Republic Martha Roby said it is seriously time for Washington, the challenges facing the country, including its finances and fight against the gas price issue straighten out to get. She praised the House for passing measures for domestic energy "because if we are talking about energy, we are talking about jobs." "" The greatest threat to our economy, create jobs, and our children's future, nothing to do", said Roby."We must act. "It is what we were sent to Washington, to do."

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