Sunday, May 15, 2011

California highways could green energy source

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A rendering of Innowattech piezoelectric sensors installed under a highway.

A representation of Innowattech installed piezoelectric sensors on a motorway.(Credit: Innowattech)

It may seem a little ironically might, but automotive traffic the next source of green energy. A law for a pilot program, vibration using road and convert it into energy adopted 6-1 in the California State Assembly natural resources Committee yesterday. It moves Transport Committee to the vote next week in the Assembly.

California Assemblyman Mike GATTO (D - Los Angeles) Bill first AB 306 in February.

Piezoelectric generation captures energy that generate cars, trains, or people, how they move on land and vibrations. These vibrations can be converted into energy with piezo materials surfaces and made usable. Power in roadside batteries stored power road signs and signals could or fed into a larger scale, directly into the grid.

A single lane. 6 km-long road generates electricity up to 44 megawatts a year, enough, to power 30,800 houses. And a good things about this energy strategy is the peak energy is usually with peak usage.

Israel is already piezoelectric generation on motorways and Italy has install plans, the technology in a range of the Venice Trieste motorway. Funds for this test project in Northern and Southern California would already come from existing resources by California alternative and renewable fuel and vehicle technology program.

Although a speaker familiar with the account the sensors of built said Israeli technology companies Innowattech or Michigan-based PowerLeap are inexpensive, no figures on the technology or installation costs could be given. However, a backlog $50 billion on maintenance means that it install plenty of opportunity for piezoelectric sensors without digging roads. Determine whether it is more cost effective to broken sensors before regular schedule of road maintenance replace one the pilot program objectives.

(Source: NBC LA)

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