Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wind turbine energy accident called "Unique"

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Apr 12, 2011, 18: 00 pm by Greg Stacy

A wind turbine energy fell to the ground in North Dakota last month, an accident, saying the companies involved is "singular".

According to experts, rotor bolts failed the wind turbine, because the rotor and the power shaft of the turbine blades were not properly aligned Power Tower. This led the huge turbine rotor to the accident, and are sent to the ground on March 14-blades.

The turbine, North of rugby, was part of a planned wind farm. No one was injured by falling equipment.

Scott Winneguth, Director of wind engineering for Iberdrola renewable energy Inc. of Portland, Oregon/United States, North Dakota Public Service Commission said that the accident "very different from the ordinary" and "a singular event." He also said that investigators are not certain if the accident was a problem with the turbine Assembly or operation.

Winneguth said the Commissioners, normal maintenance procedures "are not designed to detect this type of misalignment."

Winneguth said that the accident would detailed inspections of other turbines.

", I can assure that we reviewed, integrity and misalignment much more frequently than our normal maintenance activities with it would install, for short term for bolt on one", said Winneguth.

Winneguth, said the 70 turbines in the Rugby project were scanned and checked all their 3,360 bolts. The turbine has three long blades, and its rotor has 48 screws connect the power supply to the steering shaft. Seven Stud on four of the turbines were replaced as a precautionary measure.

Wind power has attracted interest in recent years, because it is a relatively inexpensive form with relatively few security risks is. Accidents are but not unheard. In 2008 a video online a turbine spectacular damage when it was psyched spun out of control, and in 2007 a maintenance worker killed, as a turbine tower reveals a wind farm in half torn.

Source: Associated press

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