Sunday, April 10, 2011

Finding ways to make solar energy take off

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Local policy guide and green energy backers call for Iowa grow the solar energy market as a way to boost jobs and keep up with progress in the surrounding States.

Donors are former City high and Iowa outstanding football and NFL player Tim Dwight, the other officials Friday for a bus tour of solar energy projects in the Eastern Iowa joined.

"We need to create more of a market and take advantage of the people to work," Dwight said during a stop at the an electric car charging station equipped with solar cells on the campus of the University of Iowa.

Dwight, whose company, integrated power, solar-or photo voltaic developed projects, said he would like more solar integration and procurement, not only at large universities, but on residential homes can be found under.

"Every time if you set a module to a House, a power plant is you," said Dwight. "Not only, you can generate your own energy, but you can sell back to the network, as a way to make money."

Jeremy Preis price industrial electric Inc., which helped, UI's car charger install, an extension said the alternative, renewable sources of energy institutions, in the control of energy costs instead bend to the whims of climbing gas prices put can.

David Osterberg, Executive Director of Iowa policy project, helped organize the trip. He said, is the purpose of which is consciousness as close solar energy in Iowa.

Is looking for help in the form of policies and incentives of legislators to help the process along, Osterberg, and said, he a bill by Senator Joe Bolkcom, D - Iowa City, ensures the incentives for companies, organizations and House- and apartment owners, you invest in alternative energy would be.

"We are looking at the fact, the solar energy to take off in this State, and it is in other States take off." Where it is larger, you need some spark to it got going, and that is what we are looking for. "We need help from the legislature, he said."

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